The happiest big cities in America

Why is this the happiest city in America?

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You ever see those people who are always smiling? No matter what they're doing: driving, shopping or even pumping gas, they are doing it with a smile. Are they really that happy to be inhaling fumes? Is it a habitually worn smile mask, or are they just that dang contented?

Maybe they are that happy, if they live in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas – ranked highest among America's 10 biggest metro areas, according to the Harris Poll Happiness Index.

Americans in Dallas/Fort Worth are more likely than those in any of America's other top markets to qualify as "very happy" (38%, vs. an average of 33%). The least happy of the 10 metro areas is San Francisco, with only 28% of its residents qualifying as "very happy."

Yahoo Homes is publishing the five happiest cities in descending order (that is, the happiest city first). Click here to see where the remaining 10 cities fall, on | By Hal M. Bundrick, MainStreet

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