Aquarium fence surrounds villa on coast of Turkey

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Aquarium fence surrounds villa on coast of Turkey

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When Mehmet Ali Gökçeoğlu bought his luxury oceanfront villa in Çeşme, Turkey, he wanted to see the ocean from every floor. But what’s a wealthy homeowner to do when his home doesn’t offer ocean views from the basement?

Build a 164-foot aquarium fence around his property, full of fish, of course.

With the help of a friend who translated for us, Yahoo! Homes talked to the homeowner via Facebook and got the full story: how and why he built the aquarium, how much it cost, what it takes to maintain it and more. Click through the slideshow to find out. And click here to see video of the aquarium on Yahoo! Homes' Spaces blog. | By Ilyce Glink, Yahoo! Homes

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