America's healthiest states

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America's healthiest states

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By Alexander E.M. Hess, Michael B. Sauter and Thomas C. Frohlich | 24/7 Wall Street

The United States is far from being the healthiest country in the world. The country struggles with obesity and heart disease, and life expectancy is worse than in countries such as Slovenia and Chile.

But the country’s health may be turning around. In the latest edition of America’s Health Rankings, the country improved in more than two-thirds of the health measures, which included healthy behaviors, quality of health care, health policy, the presence of diseases and deaths from illnesses across the nation.

The differences in health on a state level vary considerably. For example: The Centers for Disease Control tracks the number of years lost when people do not live to the expected age of 75. In the nation’s least healthy state, nearly 11 millennia were lost per 100,000 people, nearly twice the number of the country’s third healthiest state, Minnesota.

Yahoo Homes is publishing America's 10 healthiest states; click the slideshow at the top to see them. To see America's 10 least healthy states -- and for the full report and methodology -- visit 24/7 Wall Street's website:

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