Weekend Projects: 5 Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal

Bob Vila

In summer, it's a given that homeowners are spending more time on lawn care and gardening, but curb appeal projects are also hugely popular this time of year. It must be that spending time outdoors forces us to notice the state of our home exteriors. If you don't love what you're seeing, take heart: Within a weekend, there are countless ways you can improve how your house looks from the curb. Here are five easy-to-implement ideas. 1. REPLACE AN OUTDOOR WALL SCONCE

Curb Appeal Projects - Outdoor Sconce


If the light fixture on your porch has become an antique—and not in a good way!—swap in a replacement sconce. A small yet conspicuous detail, one or multiple sconces will literally (and figuratively) brighten your entryway, impressing guests who arrive in the morning, afternoon, and especially at night. 2. BUILD A GARDEN ARBOR

Curb Appeal Projects - DIY Arbor


A garden arbor positively impacts curb appeal so much more than you might expect from such a low-cost project. If you have the right tools and some scrap wood on hand, and if you can find a pair of old doors at your local salvage yard, then for next to nothing, you can easily build this uncommon arbor. 3. LAY A STONE PATH

Curb Appeal Projects - Stone Path


Lay a distinctive dry stone path to guide visitors from the street to your door, while defining garden areas and protecting your lawn from being trampled by foot traffic. Even for an inexperienced DIYer, this is a satisfying straightforward project that should take no more than one day. 4. UPGRADE YOUR HOUSE NUMBERS

Curb Appeal Projects - House Numbers


Looking for a really fast way to refresh the look of your home's exterior? You can count on new house numbers to do the trick. While storebought digits seem divided into two equally unappealing groups—dull/cheap versus attractive/expensive—you can make your own mid-century modern set inexpensively. 5. MAKE A WINDOW BOX

Curb Appeal Projects - Window Box


Put a little greenery into your scenery. As always, you have the option of placing potted plants near the front door, or of setting containers into the landscaping; both are worthy curb appeal projects to tackle this weekend. But if you'd prefer a low-maintenance solution, why not make a window box and fill it with succulents? If woodworking isn't your thing, remember that turning a rain gutter into a planter takes very little effort, and suffice it to say that you don't need to a green thumb to keep cactus happy!

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