Warm colors for winter decorating

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Warm colors for winter decorating

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Many people associate winter decorating with cool colors such as white, blue, gray, silver and green. However, there is plenty of room for warm, cozy colors in a winter color scheme as well. Sharp contrasts are always in style with this seasonal theme. White, grey and silver backdrops allow warmer tones in rose and crimson to really pop. Warm neutrals can be accented with bright metallics for a touch of sophistication.

Indulge in rich, delicious colors.

Create a warm and cozy atmosphere with linens in hues of rich chocolate, coffee, cocoa and caramel. Use a monochromatic color scheme in varying shades of brown, tan and beige for bathroom linens, bedding and accents such as drapes, area rugs, throws and accent pillows. Add a few scented candles with delicious aromas such as coffee, caramel or mocha.

Create an elegant space with warm, earthy hues and dazzling metallic tones.

Dress up white or beige furniture with warm accents in hues of umber, olive and walnut. Accent pillows with metallic threads, corded piping or fringe in tones of gold, copper and bronze add a subtle shine, as do lustrous, metallic fabrics for curtains, drapes and tiebacks. Mirrors and pictures with elegant frames of gold, silver or bronze create a beautiful shimmer on walls. Copper wall tiles or a bronze sculpture add sophistication and will blend beautifully with earthy colors like ochre, nutmeg and rust.

Add interest with warm hues that pop against cooler tones.

Warm toned accents become eye candy when placed in front of cool neutrals like cream and gray. A bright yellow lamp or wall art featuring bold yellow accents will really pop in front of a charcoal wall. Bright red or deep crimson bath linens will instantly warm a light, beige or cream colored bathroom. Fuchsia accent pillows against a gray comforter or a fuchsia throw draped over a slate gray easy chair creates an eye-catching contrast.

Warm-up your living space with the soft glow of amber and burnt orange.

The fiery tones of autumn can carry over into a winter color scheme that provides a sense of warmth and coziness; reminiscent of the soft glow cascading from the fireplace. Select warm amber shades for table lamps or walls sconces. Drape a burnt orange throw over a mahogany rocking chair. Anchor your conversation area with a colorful area rug in shades of pumpkin, cinnamon and rust. Accent your sofa with pillows in shades of coral, burnt sienna, tangerine and salmon.

Create contrast by attracting cool winter hues to their opposite.

Decorate with complimentary colors by pairing your favorite cool winter colors with their color wheel opposites. Place some apricot candles on a cobalt blue dresser. Accessorize a forest green couch with a crimson blanket. A wall tapestry with deep hues of aubergine will make a striking background for a vase filled with bright yellow flowers.

There are endless possibilities for adding warm colors to a winter decorating scheme. Don't let your winter décor get left out in the cold; spice up your seasonal decorating this year!

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