Unconventional storage ideas for small bathrooms

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Unconventional Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

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Is there enough room in your bathroom for the toilet paper?

Everything about my home is ideal for our family of five. We've got four bedrooms, 2 ½ bathrooms, and with an unfinished basement, we've got room to grow. Unfortunately, the one room we don't have room to grow in is our first floor bathroom. There's barely room for our toilet and a sink, let alone a place to store extra toilet paper, magazines, and cleaning supplies. When your bathroom is short on storage space, just where can you store those bathroom essentials?

Shelves above the toilet

My husband took down the towel rack above the toilet, repositioned it next to the sink, and added small shelves above the toilet. They were inexpensive, didn't require much skill, and fit perfectly in the space we had available. It was just enough room for an extra roll of toilet paper and a bottle of air freshener.

Cabinet instead of pedestal sink

To make our bathroom appear more spacious, our builder used a pedestal sink instead of a sink with a cabinet underneath. While it might have added to the show value of our home, it simply wasn't practical. Replace yours with a sink with a cabinet underneath and you'll dramatically increase your storage space.

Firewood storage/magazine racks

My husband and I have a small, older rack to store firewood in. Without a wood-burning fireplace, the item was about to hit the yard sale when we realized it would fit perfectly across from the toilet. Instead of storing wood, we store magazines for those prolonged visits to the restroom. Any magazine rack will do-just be sure to find one that fits the space available.


A small basket on top of your toilet tank for towels, an extra roll of toilet paper, or one or two feminine hygiene products, is a great idea if your bathroom is small. Make it fashionable and functional with a wicker or wooden basket with a lid. Remember that size is everything-choose a tall, narrow basket that won't hang over the edge of the toilet or appear overwhelming.

Mirrored cabinet

If your bathroom doesn't have all the room you require, consider replacing a flat mirror with one that houses a medicine cabinet. Most are reasonable priced at your local hardware store, don't require advanced handy-man skills to install, and can add space for your children's hair ties, toothbrushes, and vitamins and medications. As an added bonus, you won't lose any floor space with the addition of a mirrored cabinet to a tiny bathroom.

Outside the door

Our tiny bathroom is located off of the hallway leading to our kitchen, directly opposite our pantry. Though it isn't ideal, we regularly keep additional bathroom items in the pantry, knowing that in a pinch, they're just outside the door.

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