Touring a Sculptor's Impossibly Beautiful Icicle Castles


Photo via My Modern Met

Adding to the great many inhabitable structures built from ice and snow, Utah-based artist Brent Christensen builds castles from icicles. Just because? Well, kinda: he began the craft one winter in hopes of finding something fun for his kids to do, and this idea of "ice castles" took off. Now his work, currently on display in Steamboat, Colo.—though last year it exhibited in the ultra-appropriately named Colorado town of Silverthorne—rises as high as 25 feet, thanks to 20-person crews "who work tirelessly to deliver Christensen's self-made icicles from his personal rack, where water drips and forms 3,000 to 5,000 icicles per day," according to My Modern Met. Inside the awesome mazes are archways, stairs, and walls, plus LED lighting, and nope, none whatsoever are reinforced by wood or steel. Another look, below.

Photo via My Modern Met

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