When and how to start decorating your home for Halloween

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How early is too early? Is there a way to tactfully decorate the inside and outside of your home for Halloween? These are legitimate questions that come up in early fall and homeowners start itching to decorate for this spooky holiday. There is no right answer to these questions, although I might be able to give you a few pointers to help keep yourself from looking like the crazy neighbor who is obsessed with Halloween.

When to start decorating the home for Halloween

I'm sure you have noticed homes in your area that are decked out for Halloween every year for months before the holiday, all the way until Christmas and beyond. Some people just love Halloween that much. How early is too early to start decorating? I'd say August is too early. Stores start to put out Halloween gear as early as the summer months, but once September rolls around, you should be safe to start setting the mood. If you aren't that gung ho about the holiday, you can wait until the beginning of October -- or even until the days just before Halloween.

How to decorate the interior of your home for Halloween

There are several directions you can go when it comes to decorating for Halloween. The obvious is to decorate with a haunted house theme in mind, complete with witches, mummies, cobwebs, and severed limbs. If you choose to go the opposite direction, you might decorate with cutesy accents, such as glitter pumpkins and fall-inspired centerpieces. Another option is to frame vintage Halloween movie posters and hang them in place of your everyday wall art.

How to decorate your home's exterior for Halloween

For some, the yard is the most exciting place to decorate for Halloween. Sometimes this means overdoing the tombstones, inflatable pumpkins, and zombies rising from their graves. I cringe when I see a yard that is so littered with Halloween decorations that it looks tacky. Instead of placing something different every two feet, choose a few of your favorite pieces -- rotating different ones each year -- and place them strategically around the yard. Less is more. Trust me, it will look much more realistic.

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