trims fat off the scheduling process

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Juggling schedules that are constantly in flux, many real estate agents can gain an edge by using tools that help streamline the process of booking appointments with clients.

Trimming some of the fat off the scheduling process, may be one of the best of them: the online app allows agents to bypass the email exchanges and phone calls that are often necessary to arrange meetings with clients. At the same time, the tool offers consumers an elegant and seamless way to book appointments online.

Agents may embed the scheduling tool directly on an existing website, or use it to generate a new website to host the tool. has received praise for its user-friendly interface, with social media news website Mashable calling it "intuitive enough for even novice Internet users."

But what really sets apart is its efficiency. Many online calendar tools force consumers to fill out forms or contact an agent by phone or email. But a consumer who visits a website that hosts a calendar may pencil in an appointment directly on an agent's calendar, which either appears as a module on a website or as a stand-alone Web page.

The mobile-friendly app interfaces with an array of calendar systems, including Google Calendar and iCal, real estate technology consulting firm 1000watt noted in an email. Using a account, agents set what time slots are available for booking by consumers. 

An agent may also direct consumers directly to a calendar by sending a link via email. As an added bonus, the app boasts analytics that may offer insight into how consumers use the tool.

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