Rural Modernism from an LA-Based Furniture Maker


Casey Dzierlenga produces a line of quiet, austere pieces (her influences range from Scandinavian to Shaker) in her downtown Los Angeles woodworking studio using reclaimed dunnage wood, the cargo-protecting material used to line ships.

To see more, go to Dzierlenga F+U.

Austfonna Bleached Maple Rocker

Above: The Austfonna Bleached Maple Rocker is a sparse Nordic-inspired piece that takes its name from a Scandinavian ice-cap. Hand-carved maple spindles, back, and seat, and reclaimed oak rockers; $1,400.

Shake Niskayuna Tripod Table

Above: The Shake Niskayuna Tripod Table is a Shaker-inspired three-legged side table made of reclaimed oak dunnage. The hand-carved legs pass through the table top, and are held in place with traditional wedges. The leg tops are dipped in milk paint, and the piece is finished with rubbed tung oil; $700.

Austfonna Bleached Maple Rocker

Above: A side view of the Austfonna Bleached Maple Rocker.

Thunder Thunder Coffee Table

Above: The Thunder Thunder Coffee Table is "a wilder shout-out to a traditional mid-century design. Traditional hand-cut dovetails, and carved legs. Made entirely of reclaimed black walnut. The leg plates attach to the top with brass screws. Hand-rubbed tung oil finish; $1,100.

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