Redo the kids' bathroom before school starts

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Redo the Kids' Bathroom Before School Starts

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Bring your kids back to the beach with a beach-themed bathroom!

If you're looking for a fun, manageable family project before back-to-school season starts, consider redoing your kids' bathroom. The small space makes this the perfect choice for a quick update if you're short on money and time. My daughters loved the recent redo of their bathroom, which allowed them select their own theme, paint, and go shopping for their own fun bathroom accessories. Which simple bathroom redo will work for your kids?

Back to the Beach Bathroom

Don't let go of summer that easily! Our recent bathroom redo turned the girls' bathroom from a drab room into a year-round summer destination. The girls helped their father select the paint color (a cool ocean blue). Since their bathroom was small, one gallon of paint was more than enough to do the one necessary coat. Dad taped up the room and did the edging, and the girls helped paint the walls with his supervision.

Your shower-curtain selection will make or break your back to the beach bathroom, so take the kids along to help select something that works. Clear curtains with palm trees, bubbles, beach balls, or fish are all great choices. Stores will often stock matching trashcans, toothbrush holders, and even wall decals that can round out the room. If not, select a complementary color for your accessories to finish of this simple bathroom upgrade.

Jungle/Safari Bathroom

If you're kids are done with the beach, consider a jungle or safari-themed bathroom instead. Consider green for the walls, and seek out wall decals with elephants, rhinos, giraffes, and other animal favorites. If you're feeling creative when it's time to paint, consider painting a watering hole in blue on one of the walls so that the animals have somewhere to cool off on an especially hot day in the jungle.

Bathroom accessories will add something special to this child-friendly bathroom redo. My girls once had a trashcan shaped like a frog and a matching toothbrush holder that would work perfectly in a safari-themed bathroom. Or consider using light brown or tan to off-set the green walls and watering hole. A matching bathmat will round out the room and have the kids ready for their next trip to the zoo.

Family Game Night Bathroom

If you're up for more of a project, and have the time, consider a bathroom design based on your kids' favorite family game night games. Do they love playing cards? Create your own border around the room using a deck of cards (use painter's tape to get them lined up straight across the wall). Do your kids love chess or checkers? Use painter's tape to create a checkerboard on the wall and paint alternating squares black and white. A board game could be created in the same manner.

Choose red, white, or black bathroom accessories if they'll match your painting scheme. If you want to let the kids help, consider creating your own toothbrush holder with playing or game cards, craft glue, and a wooden box from your local crafts store. Do the same with a square, wooden trashcan. Is there room for a bit of artwork to hang off the wall? Mount and frame a board game and finish off the room in style.

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