Odd Double Chair Encourages Eye-Gazing, Soul-Searching


designer hug chair

At the end ofa long day, there is nothing better than a warm hug. The Hug chair from designer Gabriella Asztalos is meant to replicate that comforting feeling – as best as a piece of furniture can, anyway.

two person hug chair

Using simple yet powerful forms, Asztalos took the concept of two enveloping arms and translated them into a soft, comfy chair meant for two.

hug chair

The “arms” wrap around, forming a pseudo-circle that terminates in a seat at each end. Two sitters share the overhead space, uniting them for a moment in a space completely removed from the rest of the world.

intimate conversation chair

Being brought together this way, the sitters naturally feel a sense of connection and intimacy. The very natural “hug” shape facilitates a type of communication that ordinary side-by-side seating could never match.

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