Non-tacky ways to decorate your home for fall

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Non-tacky ways to decorate your home for fall

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Fall centerpiece

Has tacky fall decor turned you off the season for good? We've all seen them: Homes that are so overly decorated in autumn colors -- red, orange, and yellow -- and silly figurines that you quickly become overwhelmed. Don't let these houses stop you from decorating for the entire season. It is possible to decorate your home for fall in non-tacky ways.

Don't overdo the decorative fall figurines. As they say, "Less is more." Rather than pulling out every fake pumpkin and tacky fall figurine, carefully select a few decorations and strategically place them around the home. It is better to have one large focal point, instead of a dozen small decorations that litter the coffee table and shelves. Keep it classy; overdoing the decorative fall figurines is just the opposite -- tacky.

Choose colors that complement existing decor. Perhaps your current color scheme doesn't exactly welcome the addition of fall hues -- or what you think of as fall hues. Decorating for fall doesn't necessarily mean adding tacky colors to your carefully selected interior color scheme. Complement your home interior with neutral fall accent pieces, or fall-inspired pieces in non-traditional fall colors, such as teal or plum.

Seamlessly incorporate fall accents. Too many people simply drop their fall decor into any open space they can find. This can look incredibly tacky, especially when these people have too many fall decorations in the first place. It's called clutter. Instead, seamlessly incorporate fall accents into your home interior by removing existing pieces to make room for them. You don't have to remove every single non-fall decoration from your home, and these pieces can be replaced when fall is over.

Temporarily replace un-autumn-like artwork. Any paintings or photos that resemble other seasons may be removed and replaced with fall-inspired pieces. This is a non-tacky way to decorate your home for fall without taking up valuable floor or shelf space. Choose paintings, sculptures, or other types of wall hangings that both complement your decor and remind you of autumn.

Don't let tacky fall decor turn you off the season for good. Avoid doing the things that make fall decorations so tacky: cluttering a space, overdoing the accents, and choosing colors that don't work with your interior.

Tonya graduated from the Interior Design program at Alexandria Technical College in 2008. She currently lives in South Dakota and writes articles related to design, decorating, and home improvement for various Internet sites.

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