This Narrow Writer's Hideaway is Every Book Lover's Dream


Photo via Design Boom

Designed by Jon Lott of the Brooklyn-based practice PARA-project, this Syracuse, N.Y. retreat adds a more suburban locale to the long list of thought-provoking, Walden-esque writer's hideaways of the world. Built for a poet couple, the so-called Haffenden House was modeled after Gianni Pettena's 1972 Ice House. Narrow as the 1,125 square-foot space is, the two-story building makes room for a garage on the bottom floor, and opens up to library and writing space above—with a tranquil little reading room (and hot tub!) at the very top.

Save for the massive collection of books, the house has a decidedly minimalist feel, with bare white walls and almost no furnishing to speak of. A swooping, "bowl-shaped division" drops down from the ceiling at the very top of the structure to provide a source of light, as do small windows that line both sides of the space. Design Boom has more photos, this way.

Photo via Design Boom

Photo via Design Boom

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