The Makings of a Hobbit Home


With the premiere of “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” this Friday, Bilbo Baggins will return to the big screen on his epic journey through Middle-Earth. Although he may not make it back to the Shire in this movie, memories of his fictional home in a hill remain.

Peter Jackson’s adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s famous novel was filmed in New Zealand, but that doesn’t mean the Shire can’t exist in your neighborhood. Here’s a look at the makings of a hobbit home, based on current for-sale listings around the U.S.

Idyllic location

Telluride, CO home

Tucked away in the San Juan Mountains, this property is currently on the market for $5.65 million.

From the Far Downs in the west to the Brandywine Bridge in the east, the Shire is described by Tolkien as an idyllic place filled with rolling green hills, fruitful land and hobbits living a simple life. This Telluride, CO home echoes Tolkien’s description with an arched footbridge surrounded by a scenic landscape.

Home in a hill

Carole King's pool

Currently listed for $9.9 million, this Stanley, ID property spans 128 acres.

You can’t be a hobbit without living in a home under a hill. In the movies, Bilbo’s roof is covered with green grass, making it blend in with the scenery. This hillside dwelling is part of American singer and songwriter Carole King’s Idaho ranch. While she probably used the space as pool storage or a wine cellar, it’s the perfect size for a hobbit measuring 4 feet tall.

Hobbit-size door

Elverson, PA hobbit door

This stone structure is part of an 18th-century farmhouse located in Elverson, PA. It’s on the market for $2.5 million.

The entrance to Bilbo’s home is perhaps the most iconic part the hobbit dwelling. While his front door is round, the door to this Pennsylvania property seems fitting with a curved stone border and green foliage on all sides.

Wood millwork

Jamestown, RI entryway

Listed for $3.495 million, this Jamestown, RI home has 6 bedroom and 6 baths.

Bilbo’s home is filled with warm woods. This summer cottage was built in the late 19th century, and its original millwork has been well-preserved.

Stone fireplace

Minneapolis, MN fireplace

Step inside this home, and you’ll feel like you’re in a fairy tale. The asking price is $2.695 million.

Whether a spot of tea, a drink of ale or a puff of pipe-weed, there’s always a reason for hobbits to gather around a crackling fire. The stone fireplace above is among the standout features of a unique Minneapolis residence.

Table for feasting

Riegelsville, PA dining room

Listed for $1.995 million, this Riegelsville, PA home is on 1,000+ acres of conserved land.

Hobbits are known for eating and socializing. This English country-style dining room fits the bill. The historic home dates back to the mid-1700s, boasting wide-planked floors, exposed beams and a spacious kitchen.

Rustic kitchen

Flossmoor, IL kitchen

Listed for $550,000, this property was built in 1926. Custom cabinetry, crown molding and a hand-forged, wrought-iron stair railing are selling points.

To feed a dining room full of hungry hobbits, a rustic kitchen is in order. The Flossmoor, IL home pictured above features a kitchen with natural wood grain cabinets and a large range — perfect for cooking up a feast.

Plentiful pantry

Carmel, CA pantry

This Carmel, CA cottage is on the market for $1.9 million. A cozy kitchen, fireplace and soaking tub are ideal for a weekend getaway.

Hobbits have a tendency to slip into the pantry for a between-meal snack. This Carmel, CA residence has a kitchen with ample food storage.

Tree branches

Coos Bay, OR tree trunk

For $499,999, this Coos Bay, OR retreat can be yours.

Blending the feel of an English cottage and a fairytale tree house, Bilbo’s home is filled with natural woods and even a few tree branches. Following suit, this artistic Oregon cabin brings the outdoors in, most notably with a tree-trunk stairwell.

Lush garden

Farmington, CT garden

This scenic Connecticut property spans 5.67 acres. It’s listed for $649,000.

To make your hobbit home complete, you can’t just focus on the interior. Wildflowers, vegetables and vibrant greenery are a crucial part of any home in the Shire. This Farmington, CT backyard might just pass the test.


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