Knobs vs. handles for your kitchen

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Knobs Vs. Handles for Your Kitchen

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Kitchen cabinet handles or pulls

It is sometimes the smallest detail that sets apart a kitchen design. Choices in appliance finishes, cabinet doors, and backsplash materials are all important, but if you neglect smaller areas, your kitchen can feel unfinished. So when it comes to cabinets, cupboards, and drawers, which is best: knobs or handles?

Advantages of Cabinet Knobs

Knobs are classic and elegant. They are easy to install and available in a wide range of styles and finishes. They are the most common pulls for kitchen cabinets, so the greater selection provides homeowners with a better chance of finding the ideal style.

One of the main advantages of knobs in the kitchen is the single attachment point. Knobs use one screw to fix them to the cabinet or drawer, which means fewer holes than if you were using handles.

Furthermore, knots are easier to install because of that single attachment point. The installer doesn't require a lever or other device to ensure that two holes are properly aligned. For the DIY kitchen designer, this can be a tremendous benefit.

Advantages of Cabinet Handles

Kitchen cabinet handles, or pulls, are considered more contemporary, and can therefore give an otherwise outdated kitchen a modern feel. They are easier to operate because you can use your entire hand to operate them rather than just your fingers. This is why cabinet handles are becoming more popular for the elderly.

Handles also provide a bit more freedom of design. They can be straight or curvy, short or long, intricate or simple. While knobs are also available in a wide range of designs, the smaller fixtures offer a little less material to work with.

Additionally, handles are easier to manipulate, not just because of their shape but because you can use your entire hand. Kitchen drawers, for example, might be difficult to open with knobs if they are filled with heavy objects. A handle would ease the strain of pulling the drawer open.

If You Can't Choose

Many people choose to use both handles and knobs on their kitchen cabinetry. For example, you might install handles on all the drawers and knobs on the cabinets. Hardware stores and kitchen supply warehouses often sell knobs and pulls in similar styles to pull the whole design together.

Another option is to avoid using either knobs nor handles. Contemporary kitchens often feature no hardware at all, which presents a streamlined appearance. The disadvantage, though, is that it is more difficult to open cabinets and drawers without it. Those with longer fingernails, for example, will have trouble.

Buying Cabinet Hardware

When buying knobs or handles, consider the size of the grip as well as the distance from the attachment point to the edge. Make sure you can grip the hardware comfortably. Consider having the person with the largest hands in your family try it out first.

Consider also the other décor in your kitchen. Try to choose colors and finishes that match existing items. For example, if your appliances are stainless steel, try a nickel finish in knobs or handles.

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