Installing a bathroom safety grab bar

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Install a bathroom grab bar to avoid slipping when stepping out of a shower, and enhance your bathroom's safety and utility.

Tools and Materials

1/8" drill bits
Tape measure
Safety glasses
Silicone sealant
Power drill
Phillips screwdriver
6 mounting screws, 10x2" Stainless steel
Grab bar

Step 1. Locate the center of the wall stud by using a stud finder. (Note: Studs are usually 16" apart.) Make sure all screws are mounted firmly into a wood stud.

Step 2. Place the grab bar on the wall where desired, so that the mounting holes are positioned over a wood stud. Use a level if needed to assure proper positioning. (Note: Don't loosen the hex bolts underneath the flange.) With a pencil, mark the mounting hole locations.

Step 3. Remove the grab bar from the wall and carefully drill pilot holes as marked. Make sure the holes are drilled into the stud.

Step 4
. Install the grab bar with the accompanying screws. Make sure the screws are secured tightly.

Step 5. Slide the escutcheons on the grab bar base to the mounting plates and rotate them into alignment. If desired, apply silicone caulking to the back of the escutcheon to protect against water penetration.

After installation, check your grab bar periodically to ensure all screws are secure.

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