Inside Carrie Brownstein's Real-Life Portlandia Bungalow


Photo by Roger Davies/Elle

Irony with riot grrrl stand-by Carrie Brownstein, a founding member of punky feminist cult band Sleater-Kinney and creator of dozens of self-serious and ridiculous characters on IFC's comedy vignette hit Portlandia, is thick-layered and near-indecipherable, and entering her unaccountably twee Portland bungalow only, well, bungles the matter more. "I took all my Ted Cruz posters down before you came over," she deadpans to the reporter for Elle who took the tour of her 1912 spread in the city's cool Grant Park neighborhood. Her taste is unambiguously Portland, which makes sense considering she settled down here a decade ago—the cities blend of idiosyncratic characters drew the Pacific-Northwest indigene in long before she began making the megabucks spoofing them. Proof is in the pudding: inside, a "taxidermied weasel once owned by Amy Sedaris" lives on the mantle, thousands of organized vinyl records line the walls, a Chesterfield sofa sits in an otherwise desolate practice space. Oh, and she's not immune to the "Put a Bird On It" phenomenon the show most famously mocks, either.

Photo by Roger Davies/Elle

Photo by Roger Davies/Elle

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