L.A. estate has its own fire station, sushi bar, two-story aviary -- and more

LA estate has sushi bar pond aviary

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The two-story aviary is visible just to the right of center in the back. Click here or on any photo to go to a slideshow.
A soaring fireplace.

A soaring fireplace.

The owner was a car collector. Click any photo to go to a slideshow.

The owner was a car collector. Click any photo to go to a slideshow.

Realtor Mauricio Umansky (whom you might know as a husband from "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills") has held the listing for Michael Jackson’s final home and sold Lisa Vanderpump’s massive mansion as well as the Wehba Mansion for $34.5 million. So when he says that he’s never seen a property quite like Marmont Manor, you know the home must be unusual.

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“This is the coolest property I’ve been at, from a ‘cool factor’ in terms of features,” said Umansky, co-founder and CEO of The Agency. He holds the listing, priced at $24.5 million, along with Paul Lester, Jeeb O’Reilly and Deedee Howard, also of The Agency.

Starting off, the home sits on 3 acres of flat land, which is incredibly hard to find — especially in Hollywood Hills.

“It’s amazing at its core — the land and the views — and everything else goes from there,” Umansky said.

Marmont Manor is owned by the estate of the late William Tilley, CEO of the Jacmar food distribution company and an investor in the Shakey’s Pizza and BJ’s Restaurant chains. Tilley passed away earlier this year, and his wife decided to list the home for sale.

Tilley’s residence is more compound than home. Spanning seven buildings, the property includes a Tudor-style main home, built in the 1930s, as well as a caretaker’s cottage, carriage house, two-story aviary and a pool pagoda with a restaurant-style kitchen, sushi bar and teppanyaki station. The property also has its own fire station, which is recognized by the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

The entire property is set up to be walkable, with trails leading from the pool area and grand pagoda to the aviary — which currently holds Lady Amhersts, goldens, scarlets and doves — and down to the fully stocked lake.

A car collector with several Ferraris, Tilley also built an 8-car garage. Three dog houses that mirror the architectural style of the main home round out the estate.

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