High/Low: The Iconic Artichoke Lamp


Designed in 1958 by Danish architect Poul Henningsen, the Artichoke Lamp is the ultimate modernist light fixture. It's also one of the priciest.

Large Artichoke Lamp

Above: The Artichoke Lamp is available in several finishes, including glass, copper, white, and stainless. The priciest version is the Large Artichoke Lamp in glass for $57,600 from Design Within Reach.

Large Artichoke Lamp

Above: The Artichoke Lamp by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen Lighting; prices range for $8.852 to $16,528 for the white metal version from Design Within Reach.

Norm 69

Above: The Norm 69 was designed by Simon Karkov in 1969 (it's named for the year it was designed and for the number of pieces included); available in four sizes from YLiving. Prices start at $115 for the Small Norm 69 and go up to $210 for the Extra Large Norm 69.

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