This DIY Garland Might Steal Your Tree's Thunder

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If you're a sucker for a natural green garland, you're not alone! Fresh, woodsy, and festive, it can almost suffice for a tree and is surprisingly versatile. While a natural garland can be purchased, it's easier to make than you may think.

Photo by Sarah Hoffman for Botany

Stephanie Schur, who owns the LA-based floral boutique Botany, happily agreed to share her garland-making secrets. Her chic, European-style shop is a favorite among A-list celebrities and high-profile fashion brands. Check out Stephanie's foolproof steps to creating a jaw-dropping garland!

Photo by Beth Yorn for Botany

Start by gathering your elements. Stephanie used pine, fir, eucalyptus, pepper berry, and viburnum berry.

Photo by Beth Yorn for Botany

Set aside the pine, seeded eucalyptus, and fir to use as your base.

Photo by Beth Yorn for Botany

Wrap strong wire around two to three pieces, and repeat. Keep reading for the rest of the steps!

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