Dig This Trend: Steamy Hot Tubs


From rustic stone soakers to a beachfront oasis, these hot tubs are the the ultimate weekend retreat. We’ve rounded up a few of the steamiest — and the most extravagant — from Zillow Digs.


Hot Tub 1

With lush planting beds and swaying palms, this hot tub is designed for weekend escapism.

Rustic romance

Hot Tub 2

One of the best features of this rustic soaking hole is the crackling fireplace — ideal for intimate moments.

Hint of class

Hot Tub 3

A glass-paned partition lends this outdoor hot tub a sense of privacy after the sun goes down.

Ride the wave

Hot Tub 4

Winter surf a little too cool to the touch? This bubbly hot tub offers a beachfront view without getting sand in your shorts.

Unwind after dinner

Hot Tub 5

Save the dishes for later and venture out onto the deck for a post-dinner soak. Just make sure to wait 30 minutes before taking a dip!

Say, “Aah!”

Hot Tub 6

This infinity pool and hot tub are secluded, but open landscaping makes it feel as if it were part of the turquoise waters beyond.

Covered beauty

Hot Tub 7

Keep summer skin happy and healthy with a covered soaking patio. In The Hamptons, teak posts maintain a sense of architectural continuity with this shingle-style home.

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