Designer Paul Siskin Price Chops Upstate 'Brokeback Manor'


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Location: Hudson, N.Y.
Price: $1,200,000
The Skinny: In 2005, when NYC-based interior designer Paul Siskin purchased some vacant land upstate in Hudson, N.Y. and, according to Siskin, "the movie Brokeback Mountain was enjoying a huge success, and since the 4-acre lot sits atop a ridge in a residential enclave that's largely gay and lesbian, the property inevitably became known as Brokeback Manor." Siskin had been imagining this dream house since his schoolboy days, sketching preliminary designs in the classroom. The dream took 4.5 years to execute, a process Siskin described as "excruciatingly long and frustrating process" in an article for Interior Design. Now that it's finished, Siskin's dreams have apparently taken him elsewhere, as he listed the glassy house for sale, first for $1.3M, and now for $1.2M. That price includes three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a dramatic fireplace, ivy-covered walls, and expansive views.
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