Buy a $3.5M Mountaintop Parcel Fit for a Seattle Seahawks MVP


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The dream for former Seattle Seahawks running back Shaun Alexander was to build a resort-like spread on Cougar Mountain with some of the best views in all of greater Seattle, including breathtaking glimpse of Mt. Rainier.

So in 2006, after signing a $62 million contract with the Seahawks, Alexander set about buying parcels of property on the popular mountaintop and creating his own limited liability corporation called The Cougar Mountain House. By the time Alexander and his wife, Valerie, collected 5.8 acres, paying $1 million for one lot with a house on it and $2.6 million for additional land, Alexander and his wife had big plans.

Then, the realities of an NFL career came into play. Alexander’s career came to a rather hasty stop in 2008, after a move to the Washington Redskins franchise and then his exit from the playing field, so he did not cash in on the entire contract since only $15 million of it had been guaranteed.

Shaun Alexander and his wife, Valerie, have seven kids and want more. Source: Mary Riley Special for the Seattle Times.

Shaun Alexander and his wife, Valerie, have seven kids and want more. Source: Mary Riley Special for the Seattle Times.

Flash forward to 2014: The Seahawks returned to the Super Bowl and won, big time, with Alexander participating in the team’s walk-through before the kickoff before the 43-8 win over the Denver Broncos.

Back on the home front, Alexander — the Seahawks’ former MVP who led the Hawks’ to their first Super Bowl in 2006 — has given up on his dream home, but the reasons are all good.

He has listed the land in Issaquah for $3.5 million. He said he was glad that he took his time and did not rush into spending money that would have squeezed his long-term financial security.

“Shaun and Valerie are now living on the East Coast,” said listing agent Carmen Gayton of Windermere Real Estate NW.

“When he was traded to the Washington Redskins, they thought that they would possibly be returning to the Pacific Northwest, but found that they enjoy living in the Northeast. They have seven kids now and have built their lives in their community there making it a difficult decision not to return to this area,” Gayton said.

Along with the $3.5 million purchase price comes plans for the mountaintop live-in “playground” that the Alexanders designed.

Gayton said the couple purchased the 5.8 acre view property with the vision of building a custom 10,000+ sq. ft. estate for the family to include a sport court and amenities to make this place (their) private resort.

“This home would have had everything that someone would want in a custom estate from private guest quarters, 4-car garage, sport court, swimming pool, media/entertainment center, 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, study, state-of-the-art kitchen, formal dining room and formal living room, family room and walking trails. Property itself sits at the peak of Cougar Mountain with stunning views of the water and Cascade Mountains,” Gayton said.

Alexander said that with his family and finances in good shape, he might look to rejoin the NFL in some capacity. Meanwhile, his former teammate — Walter Jones, who is also trying to sell his prize property back in Alabama – was just elected to the NFL Hall of Fame.

Alexander’s success in Seattle was in part due to the tremendous talent on the Seahawks’ offensive line, so maybe the former Seahawks teammates can compare notes about how to score a real estate deal. Jones’ has just dropped asking price on his Harvest, AL home from $3.5 million to $3 million.


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