BoomTown using consumer behavior to prioritize leads

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In a world where "real estate porn" may attract hundreds, thousands or millions of visitors to websites, real estate professionals can find it difficult to distinguish the virtual lookie-loos from the active homebuyers.

Charleston, S.C.-based real estate marketing software company BoomTown has come up with one solution: an "Opportunity Wall" that generates a prioritized list of hot leads based on real-time consumer behavior on a real estate site.

The new tool is part of BoomTown's leads management system and uses a patent-pending algorithm to track the actions of users who supply contact information.

The kinds of leads, or "opportunities," the tool highlights include a newly registered lead assigned to an agent; a newly registered lead returning to an agent's website within a week and currently online; a lead that had been inactive for more than 60 days returning to and currently on an agent's site; and a lead currently showing high interest in a particular property by marking the property as a favorite, viewing the listing multiple times, using the site's mortgage calculator, or viewing the property on an agent's mobile site near the property itself, BoomTown said.

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