5 great dryers for $900 or less


What’s better, a gas or electric dryer? Our tests have consistently found that both perform comparably. Gas dryers are more expensive than similar electric dryers, but if you have a gas line, the fuel savings should more than make up for the $50 to $150 additional initial cost. Here are five electric dryers and their gas equivalents that cost $900 or less, performed well in our tests, have large capacities, and are quiet enough to place near bedrooms.

Kenmore 8117[2], $720 (electric), Kenmore 9117[2], $900 (gas).
This dryer is among the quietest in our tests and offers excellent drying. It has electronic controls, an interior light, end-of-cycle signal and a moisture sensor that helps save energy by shutting off the dryer before laundry is over dried.

Kenmore 6800[2], $800 (electric), Kenmore 7800[2], $900 (gas).
Superb drying, large capacity, relatively quiet operation, and good value help make this dryer a CR Best Buy. The moisture sensor shuts off the machine when the load is dry saving energy and money. The dryer has electronic controls, end-of-cycle signal, and a drum light that may help you find that missing sock. The rack dries items without tumbling. The matching washer is the Kenmore 2800.

LG DLE487OW $800 (electric), LG DLG4871W, $900 (gas).
Another excellent performer, this dryer offers superb drying, has a large capacity, and is relatively quiet. It has electronic controls and a moisture sensor, which does a better job determining when laundry is dried and shutting off the dryer than models with a thermostat. The matching high-efficiency top-loading washer is the LG WT4870C[W].

LG DLE2250[W], $800 (electric), LG DLG2251[W], $900 (gas).
This dryer offers excellent drying and is relatively quiet. Capacity is very good and features include electronic controls, custom programs, end-of-cycle signal, and an interior light. The moisture sensor keeps clothes from getting overly dry, which is easier on fabrics and saves energy.

Whirlpool Cabrio WED8000bW, $750,(electric), Whirlpool Cabrio WGD8000bW, $850 (gas).
This full-size Whirlpool dryer was very good overall featuring very good drying performance, a large capacity and quiet operation. Like the others in our dryer picks, it has a moisture sensor.

Matching washers and dryers
Matching washer and dryer pairs are a popular choice but some don't make a great couple. You may question how a terrific washer and a noisy dryer that's tough on clothes ended up together. In our tests of washing machines and clothes dryers, Consumer Reports' found a number of matching pairs that are worth a look.

—Kimberly Janeway

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