Our $23,000 home office addition

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Our $23,000 home office addition

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When we outgrew our house and were in need of a home office, we faced two options: move to a larger place or build an addition. We considered the potential (and costs) and decided that hiring a contractor and building the office of our dreams was the better option.

We spoke with several people and decided on a contractor who came highly recommended from prior jobs. We went over our ideas and decided on a 600-square-foot addition to create an office area with two walk-in closets and an external entrance door as well as a door into the existing structure.

The total cost came to $23,000 with labor, parts, and materials. The timetable was set at four to six weeks to allow for the needed inspections. If this seems fast, it's because we live in a small town and things move more swiftly than in larger suburban areas.

The first thing the contractor did was set the foundation to support the structure. Since the status quo in our area was cinder block, we opted for the cost savings of the cinder block footings and wall. Once it was set up we had an inspection. Then the floor joists and subfloor were added.

The next decision was where to place the internal access door. We settled for our bedroom because it would provide access to the restroom and make it easy to roll out of bed and make the trip to the office.

The doorway was cut into the existing structure and the walls and roof went up in about two days. We waited again for an inspection. Once we passed that inspection the electric was run as was the CAT 5 cable for our networking. Another inspection had to be done before the inside drywall could be finished.

We opted to incorporate an attic access door so we could use it for storage and had a drop-down set of steps added. Flooring was put in the attic to give us the ability to store things for now with the potential for expansion in the future.

We went with industrial carpeting so that heavy traffic would not cause undue wear and tear on the area.

The project came in slightly under budget in cost and a few days over budget in time due to some weather conditions that occurred during the construction process.

All in all the office addition was the best decision we could have made. Going to work is now a pleasure since it was designed around our needs and if we were in the position in the future, we would do it all over again.

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