$155 million super yacht is a luxury cruise ship for one

We get it: While buying a $4.6 million luxury island-sized yacht may be an ostentatious-enough display for some, for the insanely rich, a couple million is pocket change. For those multi-billion-dollar tycoons, a $155 million superyacht is just the thing to impress.

fva 630 anastasia super yacht living room

Okay, so it might be too late to buy this yacht for celebrating the Fourth of July holiday. But we're willing to bet that if you're the type who can afford a $150-million-plus yacht, you're probably the type who can take a holiday any day of the week, complete with your own fireworks show.

fva 630 anastasia super yacht kitchen

According to the yacht's broker Edmiston & Company, the 247-foot yacht was built in 2008. It features six cabins (one master, two VIP, and three double) capable of housing 12 guests. There's room aboard for 20 crew members too — after all, who vacuums the floors of their own $155 million superyacht?

fva 630 anastasia super yacht bathroom

The boat is loaded with amenities. Of course you get the gym ("more like a health club," says Edmiston & Company) and home theater common to yachts one-hundreth the cost. But you also get a medical facility, a saloon with separate lounge and dining area, and a 100-foot private nightclub. It's the perfect place for a supervillain to unwind after extorting a few trillion from the worlds' government via a doomsday scheme.

[Image credit: Edmiston & Company]
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