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  • 3 easy ways to prevent theft on campus

    Back in the day—that is, in the 1970s—college students didn’t have a lot of valuable stuff in their dorm rooms. Fast-forward to 2015, and a dorm room is a veritable treasure trove of expensive gear. Theft of personal property is the most common crime on college campuses, according to U.S.…
  • Make These 9 Upgrades to Sell Your Home

    Give prospective buyers reason to choose your home as their own with these nine tips for increasing the value of your home.

  • Before & After: Brightening a Malibu Beach House

    Celebrity designer Erinn Valencich shares the secrets to transforming a drab space into a cheery light-filled home.

  • Weekend Projects: 5 Creative Ways to Make Your Own Birdhouse

    For many, the ideal backyard consists of comfortable seating, picturesque landscaping, and the sights and sounds of c...

    Bob Vila
  • Built-in refrigerators that are worth the money

    A built-in refrigerator is a serious investment, costing between $7,000 and $10,000. Here are the details on some new models we added to our Ratings of dozens of built-in refrigerators. The German manufacture is well known for vacuums and dishwashers, but Miele is relatively new to the built-in…
  • 5 Bright Ideas for Kitchen Island Lighting

    The kitchen is a central gathering place as well as work space, so choosing the proper lighting for this spot is a must. Learn more valuable tips.

    Yahoo Homes
  • Modern Wall Storage System Uses Endlessly Moveable Boxes

    Dots is a storage system that's just about as beautiful and functional as you can get in one package. Designed by ARIS Architects and produced by Polarislife, Dots consists of wall panels with wooden cylinders attached in a grid pattern. The protruding cylinders support a set of moveable…
  • Enter Bob Vila's Summer Sunshine Give-Away Today!

    For sun-soaked summer days, many of us head to the park, beach, and even our own backyards. But how many homeowners c...

    Bob Vila
  • The cheapest gas can be trouble for outdoor gear

    The price you pay for gas may be what gets you to the pump but when it comes to choosing the right fuel for your mower or other outdoor power gear, there’s another number you should pay attention to—the ethanol content. The higher blends are often cheaper than E10 but don’t be tempted to buy them…
  • Nearly half of us would pay more for safer cleaning products

    If you're like many Americans, you're willing to pay more for cleaning products that are safer for your health and the environment. A new "Safer Choice" seal from the Environmental Protection Agency can help you with this task. Find safer cleaning products and how to allergy-proof your home.
  • 3 Quick and Clever Ways to Eliminate Dust

    Dusting used to mean lazily moving about the house with an old T-shirt and furniture polish in hand, loathing the amo...

    Bob Vila
  • Genius! Turn a Plastic Fork into a Tiny Screwdriver

    Instructables user deluges, a self-described amateur tinkerer, has nothing against custom screws—just the added cost ...

    Bob Vila
  • 11 Best Shade Producing Trees to Plant

    When choosing a shade producing tree, it’s best to make an informed decision. Learn which trees produce shade while being suitable for your region.

    Yahoo Homes
  • Smart Watering Tips for Every Gardener

    Plan and plant a garden suitable for your yard’s conditions, then stick to a schedule and watch for warning signs of trouble.

  • 5 steps to a safer bathroom

    As we age, injuries in our own homes increase, and bathrooms are no exception. Reduced mobility, impaired eyesight, decreased muscle strength, and balance problems call for adopting some commonsense solutions and extra caution, all part of a plan to create a safer bathroom. When someone loses his…
  • Simple All-in-One Wooden Furniture Series Grows with Kids

    A clean and simple series of modular furniture elements avoids all of the bright colors and fuss of typical children's bedroom sets, offering everything kids need from early childhood through the teenage years. A framework of sleek blond wood pulls together everything from wall-mounted storage to a…
  • 16 Natural Ways to Combat Garden Pests

    Learn more on how to naturally repel pests and attract beneficial bugs to your garden without toxic pesticides.

    Yahoo Homes