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  • Add Old World Elegance With Mediterranean Home Accents

    Surround yourself in summer’s glow year-round with this warm and comfortable design style.

  • Genius! The Soda Bottle Sprinkler

    For most parents, the week of Labor Day is jam-packed with barbecues, parades, or back-to-school shopping. But for ki...

    Bob Vila
  • 10 Best Paint Colors for Bedrooms

    Your bedroom is your sanctuary, where you go to recharge. Make sure the colors reflect that and set the right atmosphere. Learn more.

    Yahoo Homes
  • Temporary Plastic Bubble House Reflects Classic Glass Home

    Philip Johnson's Glass House has long been a highly admired piece of American architecture, but until now it has been admired on its own without the consideration of additional surrounding architecture. Artist Alex Schweder wanted to do his part to help the public see the Glass House in a new…
  • How a Mom of 6 Created the Most Efficient Laundry Room Ever

    Keeping up with laundry can be a challenge for anyone, which is why this mother of six decided to streamline the process. For $400, she whipped her tiny wash room into a marvelously efficient work space. Watch this video to see the clever DIYs and organizational hacks she came up with!

    PopSugar Home
  • Is Energy Star being tarnished?

    The Energy Star logo—given to models that exceed the federal minimum efficiency standard by at least 10 percent—is recognized by more than 85 percent of Americans, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, which oversees the voluntary Energy Star program. In recent months, Energy Star has…
  • The dirty little secrets of toilet paper

    The truth is that for years, toilet paper manufacturers have been selling less product and masking the shrinkage with hyperbole and hard-to-quantify claims. According to John T. Gourville, a marketing professor at Harvard Business School, they get away with it because consumers have a better grasp…
  • DIY Kids: Build a Backyard Tire Swing

    There’s something so incredibly appealing about a simple tire swing. Whether it’s the freeing feeling of soaring thro...

    Bob Vila
  • Smeg Pro-Style Ranges Not So Hot

    Smeg is an Italian appliance manufacturer that makes pro-style ranges, among other things. The name is short for Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla, which sort of helps you understand why the company goes by Smeg. “Technology with style” is the company’s tagline so when the testers at…
  • Not-So-Smart Samsung Refrigerator Vulnerable to Hacking

    Security wouldn't seem like a big worry with Internet-connected refrigerators. After all, what's the worst that can happen if your smart fridge gets hacked—melted ice cream? The researchers were taking part in a challenge—set up by Samsung itself—to hack into a RF28HMELBSR smart fridge during the…
  • Is it safe to reuse marinade for meat and fish?

    Q. After I marinate meat, fish, or poultry, is it OK to use the marinade during cooking or as a sauce? A. A marinade that has been in contact with raw animal proteins may contain harmful bacteria, so never reuse it without following these recommendations from the U.S. Department of Agriculture:…
  • The vacuum cleaners that were top dogs in Consumer Reports' pet hair tests

    You'd expect any vacuum cleaner with the word pet in its model name to ace Consumer Reports' tough pet fur test in which cat hair is embedded into carpet piles. Unfortunately, some of those that excelled at pet hair removal were lackluster at other tasks. It was excellent at pet hair removal and…
  • How to tame the energy hogs in your home

    Knowing where your home’s biggest energy hogs are can help you focus your efficiency efforts. Here are 20 ways to save, starting with the biggest energy hogs in your house. This fall Energy Star is working with utilities and retailers that offer rebates to ­consumers who make the switch.
  • Best and brightest energy-saving lightbulbs

      Standing in a store’s lightbulb aisle, facing rows of LED, CFL, and halogen bulbs, with terms such as lumens, color rendering, and Kelvin temperature, is enough to make you long for the days of good old incandescents. Manufacturers continue to invest in LED development, and those lightbulbs have…
  • The best and the brightest lightbulbs

      Standing in a store’s lightbulb aisle, facing rows of LED, CFL, and halogen bulbs, with terms such as lumens, color rendering, and Kelvin temperature, is enough to make you long for the days of good old incandescents.
  • How To: Get Rid of Slugs

    Even the smallest slugs play a big role in the ecosystem, feeding on decomposing matter and in turn providing protein...

    Bob Vila
  • 10 Tasty Fruit Producing Trees

    When you grow your own fruit, you produce a tasty outcome, and the plants look beautiful in your yard. Learn more on how to grow fruit trees at home.

    Yahoo Homes