A warm corner to read: Flickr home inspiration


(Photo credit: H Is for Home on Flickr)

This photo from Yahoo! Homes' Flickr group is a corner of the bedroom of Adelle Robinson and Justin Keefe, who own the H Is for Home shop and H Is for Home blog. They currently live in Todmorden in West Yorkshire, England, according to their Flickr profile.

The photo was shot in August 2010, but to me it feels a little later in the year: It perfectly embodies those fleeting moments of warmth with just a hint of the chill that's to come. The light is the star of the picture, but the textures are almost palpable: the smooth, careworn wood of the dresser, the supple leather footstool, the fuzzy balls of yarn and the autumnal pillow cover.

The shapes are considered, too: The sharp angles of the books, clock and dresser are relieved by the curves of the graduated canisters on the windowsill (which mimic the footrest) as well as the dresser knobs, the bowl of yarn, the handle of the tray.

We'd love to feature your inspirational photos of home. It can be your home, a project you've worked on as a professional, or just someone's home you snapped on a day's meandering. We welcome you to submit up to six a day to Yahoo! Homes' Flickr group. If you can provide details in the caption, all the better.

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