TV to art and back again: space-saving solution


I do love a smart, good-looking space-saving device. And today's TVs may not be the bulky monstrosities of yore, but they're still not exactly a design feature, so I'm always looking for ideas to minimize their black-hole presence.

Hidden Vision may have solved my problems.

Oh, sure, you and I might quibble about the artwork chosen to hide the TV, but can we agree that the mechanism for disguising it is pretty ingenious?

The TV mount shown in the video is called the Flip-Around. Hidden Vision also makes a Flip-Out mount, one of them with a farther extension, for watching TV in bed:

Yep, that's a TV behind the artwork.

The Flip-Around mount starts at $498 for a 30- to 32-inch flat-screen TV. The standard Flip-Out starts at $449, and the extended Flip-Out starts at $748.

For more information, wiring diagrams and more, check out the FAQs on the Hidden Vision TV website.

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