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Better Homes and Gardens - White Kitchen

Redesigning rooms can take a huge toll on a budget and time. But when seasons change, we want something new. For these times, all it takes to give you the lift you need is a few new pops of color.

To create a space that is easy to modify, stick with a neutral palette. Neutral doesn't have to be beige; it can be blue, yellow, a soft green. By basing your room on a single color and using it as a unifying, nonobtrusive foundation, you will have the perfect canvas to update whenever the mood strikes.

Take this kitchen, for example. The bones and major furnishing of this space are all neutral, but it packs a vibrant punch. Is it surprising, then, to realize that only four items add significant color? The flowers and planted pots add a bright cheerful yellow. The window covering and pillow add a great shot of blue. Together they are add a boost of much needed excitement to the room.

When trying to accomplish a similar style in your own home, don't go overboard. First, look objectively at your room. Decide where you would like the focal points to be. Be sure that you remove other distracting color pops or contain them with storage. Add your perfectly planned color pops! Remember: Keep it simple, like the image above. Three or four key color elements will be enough to catch the eye.

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