A taste of Monet’s garden, via Yahoo Homes’ Flickr group


(Photo credit: Flickr user roddh in Yahoo Homes' Flickr group)

In honor of the 23rd annual Apple Day (which we wrote about earlier today), we're showcasing this gorgeous crabapple tree from Monet's garden, photographed by Flickr user roddh and kindly shared with Yahoo Homes' Flickr group. Did you know that the crabapple is the only apple native to North America? (People sometimes think they're inedible, but that's not true -- and other folks swear by their flavor. The Brooklyn Botanical Garden extols the showy crabapple's virtues to anyone who asks for small, low-maintenance trees that look good year-round, and even offers a list of its 10 favorite crabapple varieties.)

How does your garden grow? We'd love to see pictures! Whether you're a designer, a blogger, a contractor, a real estate agent, or just a homeowner or renter with a good eye, we welcome your original images of home in Yahoo Homes' Flickr group. Just go to to join and share photos. We might even feature them on our site!

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