Stung by Malibu rental slump, Leonardo DiCaprio looks to sell


Click the image to go to a slideshow of Leonardo DiCaprio's Malibu compound.

Will you be the one to save Leonardo DiCaprio from yet another disappointment?

First he failed to rent out his Malibu compound over the summer. Granted, he was asking a hefty $150,000 a month for a short-term lease -- but he was offering a 50 percent discount for a renter willing to commit to longer than six months. Still no takers. It wasn't personal, though; the Los Angeles Times reports it was a bad season for Malibu landlords all around.

Then, just weeks before his 38th birthday (which was on Nov. 11), DiCaprio broke up with Victoria's Secret model Erin Heatherton, according to Us Weekly.

Unlucky in real estate, unlucky in love. Maybe you could snap his losing streak? It'll only cost you $23 million.

His oceanfront estate in Malibu is now on the market through Arete Estates. It's made up of three detached homes, all of them recently remodeled, according to the original rental listing: the four-bedroom main house, a two-bedroom guest house, and a loft with a gym, a media room and office space. The lot is 17,679 square feet, with the beachfront deck pictured above and direct access to the sand and the Pacific. To see even more photos, go to our slideshow of DiCaprio's Malibu compound.

Looks like he'll be turning a tidy profit if he sells it at asking price: According to property records for 23736 Malibu Colony Road, reported by Zillow, the place last sold for $6 million, about a decade ago.

So what do you say? Help a guy out by buying his house?

Or you could just show him your support by seeing his new movie, "Django Unchained." That'd probably be just as helpful, we bet. Here's a trailer to help you decide.

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