Rachel Stuart-Haas' cheap and easy DIYs: Flickr Focus of the Week

Rachel Stuart-Haas' cheap and easy DIYs: Flickr Focus of the Week

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Gold circles in Rachel Stuart-Haas' mudroom in her current home in Shreveport, Louisiana.

A broader view of the mudroom wall.

Stuart-Haas' photography project, high on the kitchen wall of her old house.

Shreveport "artist and mama" Rachel Stuart-Haas, whose outrageously colorful homes have been the subject of Yahoo Homes' debut Flickr Focus of the Week, was kind enough to share with us a couple of cheap and easy do-it-yourself projects.

Our favorite is her copper circle wall in the mudroom ("I LOVE having a mudroom!" she says), because it gives that elegantly slapdash "oh this old thing?" look that some people pull off so effortlessly, while others among us (OK, I'm talking about myself here) just manage to achieve the look of, let's be honest, a sloppy old thing.

Here's what she told us by email:

"I really wanted wallpaper in that room, but that seemed $$ and like a big commitment.

"So I had an extra tube of this copper paint, and one day I just decided to paint circles all over to mimic wallpaper.

"I really love how it turned out. And you don't have to be a great artist to do it! The messier and imperfect the circles, the better."

Her other project is just a little bit more involved:

"I took a pic of some roses by a lake and uploaded it to my computer. I used Photoshop (but any other photo program should work) and played with the correction, light, and contrast till I got several bright images I liked. I printed them out on 11x17 paper and stuck them in a frame.


Stay tuned tomorrow for our last Flickr Focus of the Week installment starring Rachel Stuart-Haas. We'll take a much closer look at some of her daring paint choices.

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