Pet beds you have to see to believe


Holy cow cat. I knew pet decor had advanced since the days of your run-of-the-mill dog beds, but I had no idea they'd gone artisanal. I came across an upcycled vintage suitcase on Etsy, and from there I tumbled down a rabbit hole. (Ha ha. Rabbit hole. Pets. Get it?)

Click any photo to go to a slideshow of incredible artisanal pet beds.

This suitcase pet bed with yellow chevron pattern is $89 from Old Barn Treasures. This wouldn't be hard to make yourself, and you don't even need a suitcase; any flat, vaguely rectangular platform would do. (Maybe a drawer?) For example:

These are collectible vintage crates with a commensurate price tag: $220 from Charlie Hearts Diesel on Etsy, but 20 percent of the sale price goes to the Riverside City Animal Shelter. You can customize it, right down to choosing between memory foam or plush fiberfill.

This one from Atomic Attic is my personal favorite. It's sold, but check out Atomic Attic's iMac creations. My brain actually had a hard time processing what I was seeing the first time I came across these ("Is it live, or is it Memorex?"):

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That's a gutted iMac with a little custom-made pillow inside, available from Atomic Attic for $159 in several casing colors and pillow fabrics.

Again, creative pet beds like these wouldn't be too hard as a DIY project. Don't forget to get creative with the legs as well as the container, as Atomic Attic does in a mind-boggling array of sold items.

I've put together a slideshow of more delightful pet beds on Etsy -- including a bed in a bucket, a Murphy bed and a truly lovely Peruvian wool bowl-like bed -- as well as an Etsy Treasury that features all of them.

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