Now THAT is a tiny bathroom (from Yahoo Homes’ Flickr group)


(Photo credit: Valerie Hinojosa, aka valkyrieh116, Flickr)

Valerie Hinojosa, aka valkyrieh116 on Flickr, really makes the most of what little bathroom space she has in her apartment in Washington, D.C.! She tagged the photo "the most adorable bathroom sink in the whole world," and we love it too. (It looks like it could be IKEA's Lillangen bathroom sink, which also offers a useful metal insert to hang over the edge of the sink.) The shower curtain is available for about $16 through Amazon.

Update, noon-ish Oct. 15 PDT: I'm delighted to report that Valerie has added a little more info to her Flickr caption in response to all the comments here:

"The lens on the camera makes the bathroom look much bigger. The door brushes against the toilet when you open it, and that has worn down one side of the toilet seat. The bathtub is not full sized and you have to scrunch up your legs to take a bath. For those on Yahoo Homes, the window faces a private back patio, so no one can see in. This is the only bathroom in the apartment."

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