Jan. 16: A look at a ‘Halloween’ fan’s replica Myers house on John Carpenter’s birthday


Fans of the Halloween movie recreate the Michael Myers home in rural North Carolina.

The man you can thank for inspiring all of your slasher film, masked-guy-standing-in-your-doorway nightmares – John Carpenter – turns 66 years old today.

Carpenter may be most famous his 1978 independent film “Halloween” movie and the infamous knife-wielding murderer Michael Myers. The film certainly captured the attention of Kenny Caperton and Emily Currier.

The Halloween and “Halloween”-crazed couple chose build an exact replica of the Myers house in their rural town of Hillsborough, N.C." They modeled their home after the original home used in the film, which was built in 1888 in South Pasadena, Calif.

Described as “the boogeyman’s home away from home,” the North Carolina version of the movie home was built to look as similar as possible to the home used in the film, with a few modern-day exceptions including more living space and interior alterations. The only things missing, the couple admits, are the 70s interior design aesthetic and the Midwest suburban neighborhood surrounding the home.

The couple’s classic horror film replica home was finished in March of 2009 and is now called “Myers House NC,” complete with its own website and fan following. According to their website, “important elements from the movie—Judith’s room, the staircase, the hallways, and the basic locations of the kitchen, dining room and living room are in the same places.”

The couple (and their two cats) live in the home, which is located on 5 acres of land, full-time and open it up for filming. So far the movies “Honeyspider,” “Christmas Carvings,” “Revenge of the Sandman,” and “All Hallow’s Eve” have been filmed there, among others.

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