Jan. 15: A look at the Cunninghams' house on the 40th anniversary of 'Happy Days' debut

Jan. 15: Happy Days debuts on this day in 1974

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The fictional Cunninghams' home in real-life Los Angeles. (Photo credit: Flickr user Tony Hoffarth, aka On Location in Los Angeles)

Forty years ago today, Fonzie, Ralph, Potsie, and Richie and the rest of the Cunningham family first appeared on TV.

The lovable yet largely dorky (except the Fonz, of course) crew spent the bulk of their time in one of two places, Arnold's/Al’s Drive-In and the Cunningham family home. Though all the scenes were filmed on a set, one of those two places actually does exist in real life.

Though Arnold’s/Al’s was inspired by the real-life Milky Way Drive-In in Glendale, Wisconsin, the exterior shots were filmed on a set, just like the interior shots.

The exterior of the Cunninghams' home, however, shows a real-life home that’s still standing, though not at the Cunninghams' official address at 565 N. Clinton Dr. in Milwaukee.

Far from the Midwest, the Cunninghams' big, white all-American dream home is actually a posh pad located a stone’s throw from Hollywood. The house lives at 565 N. Cahuenga Blvd. in residential Los Angeles and remains a popular tourist attraction in the neighborhood.

According to Zillow, the home has six bedrooms and two bathrooms in its 3,904 square feet. Built in 1923, the home last sold for $422,000, but Zillow estimates its current worth at close to $2.6 million. Not much else is known about the home, and it apparently had only one famous role -- in "Happy Days." Drive-bys of the home are welcome, but don’t expect to get much closer to say “Ayyyy” to the The Fonz or “Hello” to Mrs. C; the home has been occupied since 1995.

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