Gypsy caravan videos to accompany our slideshow


We just published a fantastic photo gallery of "gypsy" wagons, or vardos, Romani-inspired dwellings that are growing in popularity in North America. (Think of them as tiny homes on wheels -- with tons of character to spare.) They're not ideally suited for full-time living unless you're a hardy soul, but people also use them for vacations or backyard escapes.

[Click here to go to our slideshow of "gypsy" caravans.]

We found an interesting video above that gives some historical context to the wagons -- and at the bottom of this post, we've embedded a 1939 video on the subject.

A couple of the wagons we feature in our "gypsy" caravan slideshow have video tours as well. We hope you enjoy them!

Hornby Island Caravans' Vorizo model:

The Whittled-Down Caravan:

A short 1939 documentary:

Click here to go to our slideshow of "gypsy" caravans.

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