‘Da Vinci Code’ author Dan Brown’s house is EXACTLY what you’d expect

Dan Brown's New Hampshire home. (All images from NBC video)

This painting hides a door ...

... that leads to this office.

A bookcase conceals another passage beyond.

You know how sometimes you form a mental image of something, based on no real knowledge, and it turns out that you were absolutely right?


NBC's "Today" show recently interviewed "The Da Vinci Code" author Dan Brown at his New Hampshire home about Brown's new novel, "Inferno."

Host Matt Lauer introduces the home tour this way: "When Brown returns home, it's to a place a lot like his novels.

"We got a rare glimpse into the colorful private world of Dan Brown."

"Colorful" hardly scrapes the surface. With "secret doors and passageways at every turn," it's no wonder that, as Brown admits, "our architect thought we were crazy."

The office in which he writes is hidden behind a painting. Several secret passages can be found in just the library (or the Fortress of Gratitude, as Brown calls it; it holds editions of his books in more than 50 languages) has several secret passages.

See for yourself in the video below, then let us know in the comments: What kind of house would you build for yourself if money were no object?

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