Big discount on classic Jielde Loft Zig-Zag Floor Lamp


I've had my eye on the statement-making Jielde Loft Zig-Zag Floor Lamp for years now -- and just recently I came across this open-box sample at Horne, marked down more than 20 percent. I love its tall, willowy profile, created by six positionable arms, each of them 15.75 inches long. And the color, well, it's a cinch for Yahoo! Homes.

Maybe my detective skills have failed me, but I've never seen this lamp on significant discount before. It's still a big splurge: $1,088 vs. the usual $1,395. But shipping is free, and for the remaining hours of Cyber Monday, the site is offering a 15 percent discount. Assuming the discount applies to outlet items (I see no evidence that it doesn't!), that would bring it down to about $925. Use the code MONDAY15 at checkout.

If you buy it, will you take a picture of it in its new home for us? Upload it to Yahoo! Homes' Flickr account so the rest of us can envy admire you.

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