Because you can never have too many ‘Simpsons’ infographics


Well, who knew: Turns out there's quite the cottage industry in real estate infographics based on "The Simpsons." Just last week, we published one that put a price tag on Homer and Marge's house in Springfield, Ore.; today, we received an email from Dimespring pointing out its equally fun graphic taking a look at values for "Simpsons"-like houses in various Springfields across the U.S.

We debated briefly about whether this was too much Simpsons fun for one blog, then collapsed in laughter at what a dumb question that was. You can never have too much "Simpsons"!

You'll see evidence that the graphic is a little dated. Still, we think it's a nice bit of whimsy to share during a workweek that has all too many business days left before the weekend. Hope you agree:

(Credit: Ryan Smith, Dimespring)

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