Aquarium headboard will make your head swim: Yahoo! Homes dream feature


It's just one of life's little serendipities: We recently asked Yahoo! Homes readers for their dream home features so that we could price a few for you. One of you replied, "I saw a house with a fish tank as the headboard. That would be nice." And now guess what's been making the rounds on design blogs?

Here, we'll give you one hint:

Click either photo to launch a slideshow of unusual Acrylic Tank Manufacturer aquariums. (Photo credit: Furnitureland …

Now that is a fish tank!

This aquarium was featured in April on the Animal Planet reality show "Tanked," starring two brothers-in-law who run the nation's largest aquarium manufacturer, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM).

We talked to company sales associate Frankie DiLuzio, who told us a little more about this fabulous fishbowl on steroids.

ATM custom-made the "nightstand" lamps, too, complete with frosted shades. (Photo credit: Furnitureland South)

It was built as a permanent display for Sleepland at Furnitureland South, the self-professed world's largest furniture retailer, and you can visit it yourself in Jamestown, N.C.

You're probably wondering the same thing we were: How much does such a luxury cost? We saw a couple of websites (*cough* Fancy and Gizmodo *cough*) that said it was $11,500, plus installation, so we sought to confirm with DiLuzio: Yes? Is that right?

Uh, no, he said. We could have sworn he was suppressing a guffaw.

Ballpark, then, how much? we asked.

"Seventy-five K," he said. Plus installation. Ballpark.

So basically, if you have $100,000, you can buy something like one to eight tanks, depending whom you believe.

He also thinks the tank is closer to 900 gallons than the 650 that Furnitureland and other websites have said.

If you're dying for a saltwater tank like this, and you lack the bank account to accomplish it, then your faithful correspondent -- who is going to switch from the royal editorial "we" into first-person singular now -- has a suggestion for you.

I can personally attest to the fact that a simple rectangular 75-gallon tank at the foot of your bed will do the trick for a tiny fraction of the price. (You can put it at the head of the bed, too, but maintenance is problematic, especially if the tank is up against a wall. Easier solution: Move your pillows to the foot of the bed. Voila! An aquarium headboard with easy access! Just try to ignore the occasional midnight cracking sounds and hope they don't come from a mantis shrimp that hitchhiked in on your live rock.)

And if you do have the wallet to accommodate such as set-up? "If you can dream it, we can build it," DiLuzio says.

For inspiration, you might want to take a look at our slideshow of more eye-popping fish tanks by Acrylic Tank Manufacturing: a jukebox tank, a tank suspended over a bar, a shark tank for a law office (ha ha), and for those who really sleep with the fishes, an aquarium at the Las Vegas Mob Experience.

Want to submerge yourself even further? Laura Sweet of the blog If It's Hip, It's Here has put together a terrific Pinterest board of unusual aquariums.

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