Amassing a 'slow collection' of art: Yahoo Homes' Flickr Focus of the Week

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The living room of Rachel Stuart-Haas' current home in Shreveport. She painted the artwork against the back wall as well as the one to the left of it, near the floor lamp.

Yesterday we introduced you to the outrageously colorful homes of artist Rachel Stuart-Haas of Shreveport, Louisiana, as we launched our new feature: Yahoo Homes' Flickr Focus of the Week.

Today we want to dig a little deeper into a part of her surroundings that's perhaps closest to her heart: art.

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"I wish I had the funds to buy more art and fill my home with it," Stuart-Haas told Yahoo Homes. "It's a slow collection, though, and I'm pretty proud of it."

Her artistic sensibilities obviously guide her home design sense -- and, we assume, they also give her the courage to dare those color choices that many of us would never risk. But she's also inspired by other artists. Some of her favorites include Maura Cluthe (shop here), Kellie Bloxsom-Rys (shop here), Amy Abshier-Reyes (shop here), Jen Fridy and Hector Casanova. And Stuart-Haas sells her own work out of Blue Gallery in Kansas City.

Click on our slideshow above to see how her "slow collection" of original art personalizes her current and former homes.

And stay tuned the rest of this week. Tomorrow, we'll share with you her surprising habit that results in a living museum of all the homes she's ever visited. Thursday, we'll share her tips for a couple of cheap, easy DIY projects. And Friday, we'll close the tour with a big color splash -- and let you know which color even she couldn't tolerate; plus, we'll share her advice for painting a wall with a red that reads velvety, not murdery.

More about Yahoo Homes' new Flickr Focus of the Week feature

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