A (truly!) fab housefront from Yahoo Homes' Flickr group


We loved this photo -- those colors! that composition! those curtains! -- even before we knew the story behind the housefront.

Turns out that 12 Arnold Grove in Liverpool -- photographed here by Flickr user Jeffrey and shared with Yahoo Homes' Flickr group -- was the first home of George Harrison, the late Beatles guitarist. He was born there and lived there until age 6 with his parents and three older siblings. He spoke of it in the biography "I, Me, Mine":

"No garden, straight on to the street. From the street, step into the front room. Then there's the back room with the stairs going up to two bedrooms. But then we moved, after about twenty-five years on the housing list, we moved. ... It had one of those little iron cooking stoves in the back room which was the kitchen, where you had the kettle on the fire and the oven alongside the fire. Each room downstairs was about 10 feet square (very small) and in the winter it was cold in the house. ... We only had one fire. Freezing. The worst. Only one fire in one room. No heating. And in the winter there used to be ice on the windows. ... It was OK that house, very pleasant being little and it was always sunny in the summer."

Jeffrey has many more photos of Beatles significance, including shots of the claustrophic Cavern club where the band then known as the Quarrymen played some of its earliest gigs, in his "England" Flickr set.

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