A $1 million gold vacuum. Seriously.


Really, nothing says luxury like a vacuum, right?

That's GoVacuum's gamble. The company is offering a $1 million gold vacuum.

That's right. A one-million-dollar, 24-karat-gold-plated vacuum cleaner.

It's being offered at an introductory discount of 0.0001%. So you can pick it up now for a mere $999,999.

The bag is hand-sewn, and you can specify the material. (May we propose Vicuna wool, reportedly the most expensive fabric in the world at $4,000 a yard?)

The million-dollar vacuum is the brainchild of Justin Haver, who elaborates:

Does the gold serve any purpose here? Not even remotely, unless you count looking absolutely awesome as a purpose (I kind of do). This limited edition, one of a kind product is the ultimate in luxury. After all, the definition of luxury is, "purchasing something ridiculously extravagant just 'cause."

We're tickled to imagine who would use such a machine. Do billionaires vacuum? Would they trust the maid to use it?

The vacuum's profile is, we must acknowledge, perfectly banal. It's no Dyson. But it does have a "high-performing 10-amp motor"!

And? Shipping and engraving are free.

Act fast, though: Only 100 will ever be made, GoVacuum cautions.

(Many thanks to our partner Tecca, from which we learned of this fabulous appliance, and Born Rich, from which Tecca learned it.)

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