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  • Has the Super Bowl blackout generated any ideas?

    Rusty Weston at Spaces1 yr ago

    We take it on faith that more Super Bowl watchers were dismayed by the 34-minute football-viewing interruption than were alarmed by the implications of the instantly infamous power outage. Those who do stress about such matters, particularly New Orleans city officials along with Entergy, the utility company, haven’t officially identified the root cause, leading many to speculate that the power grid was overtaxed.

    Yet, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and other major storms that have struck the Atlantic and Gulf coasts in recent years, it’s evident that many homeowners are waking up to the fact that once power is knocked out, it’s unlikely to be rekindled in a half hour. At what point does being prepared with a backup power supply such as a home generator begin to make sense? Has the Super Bowl blackout convinced you to invest in a portable power generator?

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