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  • 'Very motivated' billionaire knocks $46M off Palazzo di Amore

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 1 day ago

    When Beverly Hills' Palazzo di Amore hit the market in November at $195 million, it was the most expensive home listing in the United States.

    Today it's being "reintroduced" at $149 million, a markdown of $46 million.

    And it's still America's most expensive home, Yahoo Homes' review of public listings suggests. Only a couple of homes even come close, including a $135 million new-to-the-market neighbor that was built for "Make Room for Daddy" comedian Danny Thomas. The Thomas house is next door to Minecraft founder Markus Persson's mansion, which set the record last year for the most expensive home ever sold in Beverly Hills. Persson, aka Notch, paid $70 million — in cash.

    The owner of the Palazzo di Amore, billionaire real estate mogul Jeff Greene, hasn't left the home untended over the past months. He's been busy upgrading, according to Coldwell Banker Previews International, whose agents Joyce Rey and Stacy Gottula are handling the listing.

    A 2-acre organic farm is in the works, too.

  • Half-baths can be worth more than full bathrooms, WSJ finds

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 1 day ago

    When is half worth as much as — or even more than — a whole?

    When it's a bathroom.

    That's the surprising conclusion that the Wall Street Journal reached after reviewing data: Single-family homes with a single bathroom were listed at a median $85 a square foot; a half bath (no shower or tub) boosted the median to $93, whereas two full baths brought the median to $107.

    And for luxury homes with numerous bathrooms, the chart stops showing any such steady climb in price. In fact, homes with 4.5 bathrooms and homes with five bathrooms are nearly the same price. Homes with 6.5 bathrooms list for more than homes with seven (or even eight) bathrooms.

    Why? The Journal floats a couple of possibilities:

    • Half-baths may signal luxury amenities like staff areas and poolhouses. A $39 million listing in Los Angeles' Bel-Air neighborhood, for instance, has eight half-baths, including one off the tennis court, one off the wine cellar and one off the bar. Those are in addition to its nine full bathrooms, one of which is pictured here at the top.

    • "You get to the point of diminishing returns with the full bath," the official says.

  • Judge rules against HOA on Missouri family's purple swing set

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 3 days ago

    The Stouts' purple swing set can stay.

    As we reported recently, a Missouri homeowners association took one of its families to court — even raising the specter of a possible "daily fine or jail time" — over a backyard swing set that the family had stained purple (a color we're rather partial to, here at Yahoo).

    This was after the HOA tried to fine the Stouts for the swing set — and suffered defeat at the hands of its own appeals committee when the family asked the panel to reconsider the fine. Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Jennifer M. Phillips referred to that defeat in ruling against the Raintree Lake Property Owners Association on Friday.

    (Click here or on a photo to see the ruling and other documents associated with the case.)

    The judge denied the HOA's petition, its request for fines and its request for attorney fees.

    • "Not only do I hope you win the lawsuit, but I also hope your case changes laws regarding HOAs. Homeowners need to take their power back."

    • "Never give in to bullies. Fight the good fight!"

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  • Clarification: Indestructible concrete bunker home now offered at half-price with less acreage, minus a companion house

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 3 days ago

    Clarification, Sept. 1, 2015: When this story was published Aug. 25, 2015, Yahoo Homes said that the Southern California bunker had been "marked down to $2.3 million, half its original asking price." The original 2014 asking price of $4,499,000 was for the entire Stunt Road Compound of 44 acres, including two houses. A month ago, in late July 2015, the houses were formally split into two listings: 415 Stunt Road, comprising 39 acres including the concrete bunker, for $2.3 million; and 475 Stunt Road, 5 acres including the newer but more traditional house, at $1,699,000. The full 44-acre, two-house compound is also still available, now asking $3.8 million. The listings are held by Chryssa Lightheart. Yahoo Homes apologizes and has edited the post below and the accompanying slideshow to reflect the clarification.


    "I didn't know how it was going to work out, but I figured I was safe inside the building. It was cool and, you know, it's well protected with the concrete and everything."

    From the safety within, he saw the flames climb right over his home.

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  • LeBron James sells his 'King's palace' in Miami

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 7 days ago

    The real estate listing for basketball superstar LeBron James' Miami mansion didn't bother trying to hide its ownership of this Coconut Grove home, calling it "the King's palace" as well as "the most opulent estate in Miami."

    After almost a year on the market, James' home just sold it for a cool $13.4 million — about 50 percent more than the $9 million he paid for it as a new build in late 2010. (Click here or on a photo for a slideshow.)

    The half-acre bayfront property has more than 12,000 square feet of living space, with six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Security is paramount: The listing emphasized the property as a "compound," walled and gated, with its own security quarters and "state-of-the-art security system" as well as its own generator and guest home.

    He originally asked $17 million when he listed it in October, then knocked the price down to $15 million in April.

    As for LeBron James, he's now comfortably ensconced in Ohio as the Cleveland Cavaliers' star player and prodigal son returned.

  • Inept home burglars shown wrestling with TV in surveillance video

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 7 days ago

    Maybe it's true what Baltimore Police Detective Richard Garvey said:

    Crime makes you stupid.

    Certainly nothing in these Nashville videos of a home burglary makes us think otherwise.

    The Nashville police are distributing the surveillance videos in the hope of identifying and catching the two knuckleheads. The young men, estimated to be in their teens or early 20s, "thought they were covering their tracks by stealing the surveillance cameras inside the residence," the police said. "Little did they know that the video and sound recorded by the cameras had been downloaded and preserved."

    The burglary in the 1300 block of Grand Avenue at 7:50 p.m. July 20, when the resident was out of the country. They took computer equipment, money, beer and a lawnmower, the police said.

    But they never did manage to get the flat-screen TV off the wall:

    Police ask anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers at 615-742-7463; at; or by texting the word “CASH” along with the message to 274637 (CRIMES). Tipsters can remain anonymous, and a cash reward is possible.

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  • Update: Here's wife's erased eBay listing for 'utterly crap' camper suitable for 'sordid affairs' and 'murdering'

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 7 days ago

    We know we're not done with human history yet, but we're going to go ahead and call it: This was the best eBay ad ever for a camper. Maybe the best eBay ad ever, period. And probably the best that will ever be.

    After 133 bids, the price had reached 75,500 pounds, or about $115,000, before eBay took the listing down. Which is a crying shame, if you ask us. Luckily, we have seller linzhead's full text, plus most of the Q&As -- which are, if anything, even more hilarious -- all the photos, and screenshots of the listing, all at the bottom of this post.

    Children should stop reading now, because while it is funny, it is not kid-friendly. We've lightly censored the more vulgar terms with asterisks.

    We've used links below to "footnote" British-to-American translations.

    The headline is "S**thouse crap caravan - suitable for dogging / sordid affairs / murdering."

    The listing text:

    "Cash on collection, viewings welcome, no sex pests or weirdos, no refunds, absolutely no forward rolls. Call 01604 696907 with any questions

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  • Miss Cleo's boss, the Psychic Hotline King, commands 2nd-highest rent in NYC

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 7 days ago

    We never saw this coming — but Steve Feder probably did!

    The so-called Psychic Hotline King — the mogul behind 1990s infomercial star Miss Cleo — is now the proud landlord of New York City's second most expensive rental, a $100,000-a-month Time Warner Center penthouse, the New York Post reports. (Only Robert De Niro's 15 Central Park West pad costs more. The actor pays $125,000 a month.)

    Not bad for a guy whose Psychic Readers Network had to forgive half a billion dollars in uncollected phone bills in order to settle a fraud lawsuit.

    Feder bought a lower unit in the building for about $10 million in 2006, then flipped it to a neighbor a bit more than a year later for about $16 million. That's when he bought the penthouse, paying about $25 million for it in 2008. (Click here or on a photo for a slideshow.)

    Click here or on a photo for a slideshow of New York's second most expensive rental unit, owned by the Psychic Hotline King.

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  • Update: Worst house in Australia sells for half a million bucks, owners 'blown away'

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 8 days ago

    Update, Aug. 27, 2015: Listing agent Gunther Behrendt emailed to update us on the property dubbed the "worst house in Australia." It went to auction with an opening bid of 400,000 Australian dollars -- about $285,000 in the U.S. -- in front of a crowd of about 100 people. Twenty-five registered bidders fought over it, driving the price well past its reserve (500,000 AUD, or about $360,000 in the U.S.). It ultimately soared to 668,000 AUD, or just shy of $500,000 in the U.S. "The owner expectations were blown away," Behrendt told Yahoo Homes.

    The popular Australian news site calls this the "worst house in Australia."

    The real estate agent doesn't disagree. His own listing says, "There is no way to sugarcoat this."

    (Click here or on a photo for a slideshow.)

    The land area is less than 5,000 square feet, but it's located just a mile and a half from Brisbane's central business district. Behrendt bills it as a classic worst-house-on-the-best-street scenario.

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  • $135 million is staggering asking price for Danny Thomas' old Beverly Hills estate

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 9 days ago

    One of the most expensive listings in the United States is an estate built by ... Danny Thomas? Of "Make Room for Daddy"?

    So says the Wall Street Journal. Several local real estate agents tell the paper that the property, in Beverly Hills' celebrity-ridden Trousdale Estates, is seeking $135 million. The agent for the listing, Aaron Kirman, declines to disclose the price tag.

    (Click here or on a photo for a slideshow.)

    Only three homes we could find across the nation are on the open market for more: Le Palais Royal, under construction in Florida, asking $139 million; Briar Patch in the Hamptons at $140 million; and billionaire Jeff Greene's Palazzo di Amore, asking a whopping $195 million. That last mansion is in Beverly Hills, too, just outside the Trousdale Estates neighborhood.

    Thomas died in 1991, but the home stayed in the family until the death of his widow in 2000, when it sold for $15 million.

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