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  • Bloomberg buys a veddy proper London mansion for $25M

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 21 hrs ago

    Michael Bloomberg, erstwhile mayor of New York City and perhaps prospective mayor of London, has outbid three people to buy a pedigreed home in the Old Chelsea section of London that the Times of London calls "a 'jewel in the crown' mansion."

    He paid 16 million pounds, or about $25 million — a million pounds over the asking price.

    The 300-year-old mansion overlooks the Thames River on Cheyne Walk, a street that the listing agency said "has probably known more famous residents per square metre than any other thoroughfare in London": Ralph Vaughan Williams, Dante Gabriel Rossetti (who was "banned from keeping peacocks because they made too much noise"), James Whistler, Henry James, J.M.W. Turner (who rented under the name Puggy Booth, and died at No. 119) ... and Mick Jagger (at No. 48) and Keith Richards (No. 3). Rocker Bryan Adams lives down the road, the agency said.

    The novelist George Eliot died in Bloomberg's own residence, No. 4, after contracting a throat infection. She had moved in just 19 days earlier.

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  • Trump takes a bit of a haircut on NYC penthouse

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 2 days ago

    Donald Trump has sold his penthouse at Trump Park Avenue for $21 million, the Wall Street Journal reports.

    The price tag loses a little of its luster when you take into account the fact that Trump had initially listed it two years ago at $35 million. He ultimately dropped the price 40 percent to make the deal.

    He bought the whole building in 2001 for $115 million, converting what was then the Hotel Delmonico into 100-plus luxury condos and, obviously, keeping some of the space for himself.

    The listing agent, Michelle Griffith of Trump International Realty, confirmed to Yahoo Homes that the unit was Trump's. It never had another owner, though Trump never lived in it; instead, he rented it out, Griffith told Yahoo Homes.

    The penthouse has 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms in 6,200 square feet. The building, which dates to 1929, offers a concierge, daily maid and laundry service, and of course a round-the-clock doorman.

    Ivanka Trump, his daughter and an executive vice president of the Trump Organization, lives in the building. She told the Journal that the sale was unrelated to fundraising for Donald Trump's presidential hopes.

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  • House from Prince's 'Purple Rain' is a fixer-upper listed at just $110,000

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 2 days ago

    You'll never be able to buy Prince's own legendary Purple House — because he tore that down a decade ago.

    But a mere $110,000 will buy you the house from Prince's "Purple Rain" movie

    As the price hints, it's a fixer.

    The house, built in 1913, is about 1,300 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths at 3420 Snelling Avenue in Minneapolis' Longfellow neighborhood.

    The listing notes a "newer boiler in 2010" — which is code for "there aren't many positives about this house," other than its purple pedigree. 

    Even the real estate agent concedes plainly, "This home needs to be rehabbed."

    In the 1984 film, Prince played the Kid, an up-and-coming Minneapolis musician trying to escape his abusive life he led at home -- this house.

    Coincidentally, Prince and his band, 3rdEyeGirl, are set to release a new album by the end of the year, they told the BBC over the weekend.

    Click here or on a photo for a slideshow of the Kid's house from Prince's 1984 film, "Purple Rain," on the market at $110,000.

  • Whoopi Goldberg sells Berkeley house-plus-barn for nearly twice the asking price

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 3 days ago

    The first surprise here is that this house plus barn is in Berkeley, California.

    The second is that it's Whoopi Goldberg's (or at least it was until very recently).

    And the third is that she just listed the place at $1,275,000 — and it sold in about a week, the Los Angeles Times reports, at nearly double the asking price: $2,025,000. Click here or on a photo for a slideshow.

    Goldberg moved to Berkeley in the late 1970s and bought this property in 1985 for $335,000, property records indicate. On a local blog, neighbors said in the comments that she lived there off and on in the back barn/cottage, but that it was her brother, Clyde, who cared for their mother there until her death in 2010. Clyde Johnson, with whom Goldberg had been close, died unexpectedly in May of a brain aneurysm, and she listed the property the next month.

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  • Bizarre pop phenom Sia will hide her face in this theatrical stunner of a home

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 3 days ago

    We like to imagine this is how it happened:

    A young real estate agent with impeccable hair, skinny pants and pastel-soled oxfords escorts his implacable client — she of the double-platinum records and hair — to yet another Los Angeles trophy house.

    Only at this one, when they climb up stone steps and he pushes open the heavy wooden door, she parts the curtain concealing her face, takes in the high-drama vestibule and breathes:

    "Now this is the kind of place where a girl can swing from the chandelier."

    (Click here or on a photo for a slideshow.)

    The home was built circa 1924 and has 5 bedrooms and 5 baths in about 5,200 square feet. It sits on about a third of an acre in Los Angeles' Los Feliz neighborhood, below Griffith Observatory.

    Click here or on a photo for a slideshow of the home where Sia will hide her face.

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  • Elderly heir marks down mansion by $60M, even agrees to leave when it sells

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 7 days ago

    Surprise: Turns out no one wanted to pay $100 million for a mansion that came with the owner.

    Christian de Guigne IV, heir to a fortune made in chemicals, owns a Northern California property that has been in his family for 150 years — and in 2013, he sought to sell it.

    He had just one little contingency, not counting the stratospheric price tag: He would live there until he died, whereupon the buyer could move in. De Guigne (pronounced de-GEEN-yay) was born in the mansion 78 years ago. (Click here or on a photo for a slideshow.)

    Now the Wall Street Journal reports that he's had a change of heart, and apparently of pocketbook too.

    He has removed the contingency.

    And he's knocked $60 million off the price.

    Now the estate can be had for $39.9 million, sans owner.

    The history of the family and its estate is, as you might imagine, fascinating -- particularly more recent events, synopsized by Curbed San Francisco:

    Four years later, he had listed it at $100 million with his unusual contingency.

  • Julia Roberts lists (relatively!) modest NYC retreat

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 9 days ago

    Just a few months after actress Julia Roberts shoved her historic Kauai property onto the Multiple Listing Service with a gargantuan $30 million price tag, she has nudged this 2,000-square-foot New York City pied-a-terre onto the market for a (relatively!) more modest $4.5 million.

    Her asking price for the West Village penthouse is considerably more realistic than the Hawaiian estate: She and her husband, Daniel Moder, paid $3,845,000 for the 3-bedroom apartment in 2010, meaning she's looking for an appreciation of about 17 percent in five years. In Hawaii, on the other hand, she's still asking $29,850,000 (with no price drop since the April listing) on a property she bought in late 2011 for $13,375,000 — in other words, about 120 percent more than she paid less than four years ago.

    (Click here or on a photo for a slideshow featuring Roberts' urban vs. tropical homes.)

    The Manhattan penthouse is only 2,000 square feet, but it has a 50-foot-long living room and a wraparound terrace, plus 3 bedrooms and 3 baths.

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  • David Cassidy's Fort Lauderdale home headed for bankruptcy auction (30 photos)

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 13 days ago

    The 7,000-square-foot Florida home of 1970s teen idol David Cassidy is to be auctioned off in September, as ordered by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in South Florida. It's the culmination of several years of legal problems for the star of "The Partridge Family."

    At least we hope it's the culmination.

    (Click here or on a photo for a slideshow of David Cassidy's home.)

    Seven years ago, Cassidy made "what may have been the most courageous on-stage appearance of his life," according to a local newspaper: He told a crowd of hundreds, "Tonight, I am publicly stating that I am an alcoholic." That was in August 2008. He was two months sober, having just come out of the Betty Ford Center.

    They had been together for 28 years and married for 23, and they have a son, Beau, born the year they were married.

    The gated estate has 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. The waterfront lot measures nearly half an acre.

    Click here or on a photo for a slideshow of David Cassidy's Fort Lauderdale house, headed for bankruptcy auction.

  • '90s star Shannen Doherty sells '70s house in Malibu

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 17 days ago

    Nope, it isn't in the 90210 ZIP code.

    It's not even in Beverly Hills.

    Arguably, the location is even better: Malibu, California.

    Actress Shannen Doherty — best known to many, love her or hate her, as Brenda Walsh from the hit 1990s TV show "Beverly Hills, 90210" — recently sold her longtime home in Malibu for $2,275,000. She'd listed it in February and had asked as much as $2,595,000, settling for about 15 percent less than that. (Click here or on a photo for a slideshow.)

    She bought the home in 1998, for an undisclosed price, via a trust associated with a business manager. After the housing bubble burst, she apparently staved off foreclosure threats: In 2009, 2011 and 2012, notices declared that the house was in default and would go to public auction, but in late 2012 the creditor withdrew its demand for sale and canceled its default notice.

    Meanwhile, her trust still owns a Malibu home that she bought in 2004 and tried to sell in 2008-2009. It too faced foreclosure for a time, with a couple of notices of default issued and canceled in 2010 and 2011.

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  • Joan Rivers' penthouse, fit for 'Marie Antoinette,' sells to Mideast royalty for whopping price (20 photos)

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 21 days ago

    It took oh, about six years, but Joan Rivers' truly palatial Manhattan penthouse -- the one she personally decorated to be "how Marie Antoinette would have lived, if she'd had the money" -- sold for its full asking price of $28 million. Fittingly, the buyers are "Middle Eastern royalty."

    The comedian bought the home in 1988 and lived there until her death in September of last year, as we reported when it hit the market earlier this year.

    She'd listed it in 2009 and then again in 2012-2013 but apparently wasn't terribly serious about it; she'd told the New York Times that she just wanted to "placate my business manager" and that any buyer would "have to come in with a bag full of money, otherwise we're not going to do it."

    The home clocks in at about 5,000 square feet and occupies the top three floors of a seven-story mansion built in 1903. The building was converted to condos in the 1930s.

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