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  • Spider-Man -- er, Stan Lee -- lists Hollywood Hills home

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 7 hrs ago

    As real estate pitches go, you could do worse than invoke a superhero.

    Which maybe explains why Spider-Man was front and center in a listing photo for a Los Angeles home owned by one of his creators, as reported by the L.A. Times.

    "Stan Lee still standing strong in the world of real estate!" the listing said of the Marvel comic book giant, now 92 years old. (Lee, not Spidey.)

    Lee isn't shy about lending his star power to various projects and products, so why not one of his properties?

    This particular property is a 5,000-square-foot home on a small lot among the Hollywood Hills' famous Bird Streets that the savvy businessman bought in 2012 for $3.4 million. It's now on the market for an even $5 million — nearly 50 percent more than he paid. It was built in 1939.

    Click here or on a photo for a slideshow of the house that Spider-Man — er, Stan Lee — is selling in the Hollywood Hills.

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  • Rundown trailer for sale at $1.2 million (after price increase)

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 1 day ago

    "You are not dreaming," this Hamptons listing opens.

    Thanks for the clarification, but we'll be honest: That wasn't the first thought to pop into our mind when we saw the listing.

    Incredulity, sure — just not of the too-good-to-be-true variety.

    The listing is for a one-bedroom, one-bath, half-century-old trailer situated on a flag lot — that is, behind another house, accessed from the street via a long driveway — of about a third of an acre. The New York Post says it "looks like it could be straight out of 'Deliverance.'" And it's $1.1 million.

    No, wait. Scratch that; that was last month. The price was just adjusted last week. It's now $1.2 million.

    That's right, the price went up . (Click here or on a photo for a slideshow.)

    The sky-high ask is entirely attributable to the property location: Amagansett South, about a mile from Indian Wells Beach, named one of the Hamptons' most popular beaches by New York Magazine.

    Click here or on a photo for a slideshow of the Hamptons' $1.2 million trailer.

  • Bloop! NeNe Leakes of 'Real Housewives' buys country club mansion

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 7 days ago

    The ever-quotable NeNe Leakes of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" can now point to her own mansion (not rented!) to prove, as she says, "I am very rich, b***h."


    She just bought a brand-new home with six bedrooms and seven bathrooms on the second tee of Sugarloaf Country Club in Duluth, Georgia, an Atlanta suburb. Because, you know, "I don't keep up with the Joneses. I am the Joneses."

    We were disappointed not to see any stripper pole for NeNe to practice (NeNe: "Me, I'm spicy. Why wouldn't I be a stripper?") — but hey, the place is so new that the real estate photos show it under construction, not finished. Maybe it's yet to be installed.

    On the bright side, there is a second kitchen, which should come in handy. NeNe: "I am a 10. I probably could go down to a size 8, but I don't feel like it. Guess what: because I'm f***ing hungry."

    Click here or on a photo for a slideshow of NeNe Leakes' new Atlanta-area mansion.

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  • Tom Cruise lists L.A. compound

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 8 days ago

    Looks like Tom Cruise is shedding some more of his real estate — or trying to, anyway.

    As first spotted by Variety and then confirmed by the Los Angeles Times, the actor owns this two-lot compound in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills that has been quietly sitting on the market since Jan. 31 for $12,995,000.

    The estate has a three-bedroom main house and a four-bedroom guest house — plus what the listing refers to as a "stone-clad craft house" that could be used as a wine cellar and tasting room — on nearly 3 acres. A wooden bridge crosses over a lagoon-style pool with waterfall.

    All of the buildings on the compound are connected by stone driveways and paths, the listing says.

    Like any superstar estate worth its salt, Cruise's has the requisite "breathtaking city views" — though his views are enjoyed from his very own knoll over Mulholland Drive, which probably makes it a little easier to see the paparazzi coming.

    He still owns his main residence, a Beverly Hills estate he bought with then-wife Katie Holmes in 2007 for about $30 million.

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  • 20 safest cities in the world, 2015

    Jennifer Karmon at Yahoo Homes 10 days ago

    Those concentrations of people create economies of scale but also risks, like violent crime, contagious diseases, even digital network vulnerabilities.

    The Economist Intelligence Unit ranked the 50 cities listed above for overall safety, using an index of indicators in four categories. (The 50 indexed cities were chosen partly for how representative they were of their region and partly for whether data points were accessible.) All five of the U.S. cities on the list showed up in the top 20, but only one — New York — appeared in the top 10.

    The four categories:

    Personal safety. The most obvious category, this one takes into account illegal activity, police engagement and the prevalence of violent crime. No U.S. city shows up in the top 10 worldwide, though Toronto does, at No. 7. Singapore is No. 1. Of the five U.S. cities in the index, Washington ranks highest at No. 17, followed by San Francisco at 21, Los Angeles at 23, Chicago at 25 and New York at 28.

    These are the 20 safest cities:


    19. WASHINGTON, D.C.

    18. LONDON


    16. CHICAGO





    11. HONG KONG



  • Kansas City's most expensive mansion ever is across the street from the dump

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 13 days ago

    Like any king, Ron Deffenbaugh enjoyed surveying his kingdom from his castle.

    Unlike most kings, his dominion was Kansas City's trash, and the crown jewel was the Johnson County Landfill in Shawnee, Kansas.

    So he built his 13,000-square-foot mansion directly across the street from Deffenbaugh Industries' dump, where 800 garbage trucks roll in around the clock every single day.

    Let's be honest: The location stinks.

    "It depends on how bad the weather is. You get some evenings when it’s calm and it’s pretty rank," mansion next-door neighbor Bruce Bird told the Kansas City Star.

    Ventilation systems are pretty important in the neighborhood, letting folks take indoor refuge from the refuse. "Most of us that live around here have pretty decent kind of heating and air-conditioning system with filters and UV, all that sort of thing, so that when the odor does get bad outside, it doesn't get bad inside the house," Bird told KCTV.

    But subdividing would be problematic because of sewer lines, and the institution conversion would be a lot of work.

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  • Jessica Chastain buys gorgeous Manhattan classic where Leonard Bernstein raised family while writing 'West Side Story'

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 14 days ago

    Jessica Chastain could hardly seem more charmed.

    She's a redheaded bombshell who effortlessly radiates Old Hollywood — the gutsy kind embodied by, say, Lauren Bacall or Katharine Hepburn — even as she wins praise as one of the modern generation's finest actresses. Her paramour is an Italian count (!) and a high-fashion executive who worked at Armani. And she's a vegan animal-rights activist who isn't afraid to speak her mind. "I think there is a huge problem in American cinema: stories about women aren’t nurtured or celebrated or brought to the screen as often as stories about men," she told the Telegraph late last year, months before Patricia Arquette's news-making Oscar speech on wage disparity. "There’s a real inequality, and it can’t be justified."

    Now she and Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo have a picture-perfect home to match.

    The duplex was listed at $5,250,000; Chastain paid $5.1 million, said the Post, which first reported the purchase.

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  • Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon sell mansion they bought as newlyweds, taking big price cut

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 19 days ago

    With their marriage apparently over, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have just sold their mansion in Los Angeles' Bel-Air neighborhood at a big discount. They bought it as newlyweds in 2009.

    They'd been trying to sell the house for a year, listing it at $12,995,000 in February 2014. Last month, they accepted an offer of $9 million.

    They paid $6,975,000 for it, closing the purchase just before their first wedding anniversary. On their third anniversary, she gave birth to their twins, Monroe (for Marilyn Monroe) and Moroccan (for Carey's Moroccan-style room where Cannon proposed; she created a Moroccan room in their Bel-Air mansion, too).

    The buyers "wanted something unique," their agent, Ardavan Mofid of Coldwell Banker, told Yahoo Homes. They searched for two years before finding Carey's mansion, he said. 

    They loved the variety offered by each room — a country-style breakfast nook, the Moroccan room, a rustic lodge-like space with a jukebox, a glamorous Old Hollywood-style foyer — that they felt added up to "not just a house, a home," Mofid said.

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  • Silicon Valley single mom lives in one-car garage for $1,000 a month

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 21 days ago

    The housing crunch is so bad in Silicon Valley that Nicole Jones, a single 29-year-old with a toddler and another baby on the way, paid $1,000 a month to live in a single-car garage in San Mateo.

    And she felt lucky.

    CNN highlighted her story recently in the child poverty installment of its Change the List project, a series focused on trying to help places rise from the bottom of various misery lists (worst rape rate, most endangered river, most unequal place).

    Jones was raising her little girl — 18 months old when CNN visited — in a converted garage space with a tiny bathroom, including "a stand-up shower that's way too small." The Daily Mail estimated its size at 250 square feet, but it looks like it may be even smaller.

    Until she found the garage, she lived in a shelter.

    But she lost her job when she was pregnant with her daughter, and that meant she lost her apartment, too.

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  • 'Walking Dead' zombie town for sale

    Jennifer Karmon at Spaces 22 days ago

    Last time you saw Grantville, it may well have been overrun by zombies.

    Here's your chance to bring it back to life. So to speak.

    The little town in rural Georgia — 5 square miles, 3,000 (living) inhabitants — had been in decline since the closure of its cotton mill, though it had found some modest success as a filming location in movies like Kevin Costner's "The War" (1994) and "Broken Bridges" (2006). The 2012 movie "Lawless," with Shia LeBeouf, Jessica Chastain and Tom Hardy, filmed there, too.

    Then the zombies came to town, and nothing was ever the same.

    Grantville's star turn on the cable hit phenomenon "The Walking Dead" brought the hamlet unexpected fame as the abandoned hometown of the show's hero, Rick. "Walking Dead" fans started flocking to the town from far and wide — Singapore, Brazil, Australia. (Click here or on a photo for a slideshow.)

    "We don't understand it," then-Mayor Jim Sells told the Associated Press in 2013.

    "We watched that town explode," he told