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  • Joe Cocker's 240-Acre, Euro-Style Colorado Ranch Asks $7M

    From Curbed Ski comes word that British musician Joe Cocker, the raspy-voiced rocker known for his bluesy renditions of Beatles songs and his own "You Are so Beautiful"—listed his 10-bedroom, Euro-style Colorado ranch estate, and the 240 acres it...

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  • Pen the Next Great Sci-Fi Series in This Futuristic Writer's Hut

    Rendering via Design Boom There are plenty of perfectly sweet, walden-esque writerly abodes out there, but for authors seeking inspiration for the next blockbuster sci-fi series, there's really no better choice than the proposed House of Writing by Phoenix, Ariz.-based...

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  • Revealed: 10 Best Credit Cards of 2014

    What card offers up to 5% cash back? And which one offers 24/7 concierge service? See the best credit cards of 2014. Apply online, quickly & securely.

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  • Hi-Tech Glamping Dwellings; Kate Bosworth Sells in L.A

    Photo via Design Boom · Award-winning O4W home has website, wants $850K. · Opera trailer tent: luxury outdoor living. · Buy Kate Bosworth's incredible L.A. pad, it's only $2.49M. · What makes a copy-cat a copy-cat? A look at architectural...

  • Loft Living: An Energy-Efficient Oasis in Portland, Oregon

    When J and J (who wish to remain anonymous) left the advertising world in New York, they headed to Portland, Oregon, with the aim of creating something like the Tribeca loft they had left behind. That was three years ago, and they had just bought a one-story, nondescript industrial building on top…

  • This Week's Table of Contents: Going Green

    Above: In the days ahead, we'll be looking at sustainable design, from new building projects to smart renovations, and from investment-piece furniture to our paint and cleaning products picks. 

  • Trending on Gardenista: Green Eggs and Other Signs of Spring

    The Gardenista crew spent this week reveling in their own (and their neighbor's) blossoming backyards—and like the rest of us, discovering the power of pastels. Looking for cafe-style outdoor furniture, the perfect spring table decorations, and the sweetest smelling shade plant? Above: "Of all…

  • 16 smart things to do with your tax refund

    Truth be told, you're better off not getting a tax refund. Calculate the proper amount of witholding using the IRS' withholding calculator.  Still, since a tax refund is commonly seen as a windfall, we offer our suggestions for what to do with a refund.

  • New Restaurant Alert: Souvla in San Francisco

    When the proprietors of new SF restaurant Souvla contacted us recently, we were happy to learn 1) that owner and designer Charles Bililies is a Remodelista devotee (he found inspiration for his design on RM), and 2) that the food is inspired by the simple, rustic cuisine of the Greek islands.…

  • Upgrade Your Home with Quality Laminate Flooring

    Get quality laminate flooring starting at $0.49/ sq ft. Browse our wide selection today!

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  • 7 ways to clean green for Earth Day

    The annual Earth Day celebration on April 22 might inspire you to live greener—maybe you'll consider buying an electric or hybrid car to replace your gas guzzler, replace energy-hog incandescent lightbulbs with efficient CFLs or LEDs, or exchange your gas-powered mower for an electric model.

  • Current Obsessions: Found Art

    This past week, we looked at a DIY kitchen overhaul for under $500 and bunny decor for the design-minded. With Earth Day looming, we're dedicating our next issue to eco-friendly and sustainable living. Until then, take a look at a few things we've got on our minds.  

  • The Magic of Two Courtyards in Melbourne

    Melbourne architecture firm Edwards Moore’s insertion of two internal courtyard gardens into the existing fabric of a small and narrow urban house might at first seem counterintuitive. With limited space, does it make sense to carve more out?

  • How to design the perfect kitchen island

    What to consider when adding a center island to your kitchen

  • Tour Miami Beach's Burdines Department Store in 1953

    Click here to view the full photogallery.Photos via "Library of Congress Today we take take a break from the regularly scheduled residential fare to have a look at the interiors of a department store in the 1950s. Burdines, the...

  • Break the Mold With a Brutalist 'Tree House' on the Chesapeake

    Click here to view the full photogallery. Up for $1.29M on Maryland's Gibson Island is this atypical Chesapeake cottage, a 2,826-square-foot fortress designed by blocky brutalism extraordinaire, Ulrich Franzen. Known as the Glass Tree House, the 1962 three-bedroom was...

  • How Old is Your Body?

    Prepare to be shocked. Your body may be older than you think. Take this amazing age quiz to find out now! As seen on NBC's Today Show.

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  • Why Being Pre-Approved for a Loan Matters

    Not being pre-approved won’t get you past the front door.

  • Colorful Fabrics Restore a 'Dilapidated Concrete Bungalow'

    Click here to view the full photogallery.Photos by Simon Upton/Elle Decor Enchanted by the "wild dogs and unrestored, decaying palazzos" of Lecce, a historic city in Puglia, Italy, fashion designer Liza Bruce and her husband, artist Nicholas Alvis Vega,...

  • Inside Karim Rashid's Magical, Hot Pink 'Sparkle Krib'

    Click here to view the full photogallery. Give designer Karim Rashid pretty much anything—a condo tower, a food court, a record album, a Twitter account—and he'll be sure to make it fruit-punch colored and amorphous, the princess castle of...

  • 1835 Textile Mill With Labor Rights History is Now Housing

    Here now, Past Lives, in which Curbed explores what some of the country's most interesting residential buildings used to be before they became livable homes. Care to suggest a building with a fascinating past life? Do drop us a line....

  • Gigantic SoCal Equestrian Estate 'Rancho Latigo' Asks $45M

    Have a nomination for a jaw-dropping listing that would make a mighty fine House of the Day? Get thee to the tipline and send us your suggestions. We'd love to see what you've got. Click here to view the full...

  • Top Husqvarna mower features easy blade changes

    Swapping out the blades to sharpen them entails elevating the heavy machine and then manipulating your tools beneath the mower deck. Thanks to Husqvarna, that task just got easier with the introduction of the 46-inch Husqvarna YT46LS, $2,300, one of a series of tractors that features tool-free…

  • Mortgage Rates Hit 2.6% - Lower Your Mortgage Now!

    $150,000 mortgage for $643/month. No hidden points, fees or closing costs! Calculate new payment!

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